Sunday, January 29, 2006

Showtime no more...

Updated 2/1/06

For once, I did not read the spoilers for a TNA Impact episode. This time, I wanted to anticipate the excitement and whatever surprise the man called Sting has to deliver. The hypes of commercials on Spike made me hold back.

It's been 5 years since his last appearance in the ring. The rock and roll music blasted from the speakers and out comes the icon. Dressed in his customary smooth, slick, black jacket, Pat Riley slicked hair, pantened black w/lightning strike gloves, Louisville Slugger bat, and of coursethe black and white modified Crow paint face. The crowd is going insane over just seeing the presence of this phenom. Much respect to the, "You still got it" chants still anticipating what the Stinger has to say. Segment lasts less than 10 mins and they give him a total of four (maybe more) different chants. Only to hear him say that Final Resolution was his final resolution to say good bye to the fans. Everyone is shocked but then an immediate "Please don't go" chant starts up. Gotta love the TNA fans. You can see he is trying not to shed tears (this does not appear to be a "work" and could very well be the last time to see the appearance of this legend). No surprise interruptions/attacks and that's that. What a class act. My hero when I first saw him in the ring probably 12-15 years ago and till today's possible final broadcast. All that remained was the Louisville Slugger. I will never, eeeeever forget Showtime.

Update: Reading the wrestling board, I now hear that this is a "work", but hot damn, thats some great acting. Oh happy day. It's showtime!!

Friday, January 27, 2006

The Blazers still suck... ugh

I don't know why the hell I am writing about this, but here goes.

Just when the Blazers have something going (5 game win streak), they do their
normal choke and lose the next 2 home games on the last play(s) of the game.
All in part to a stupid owner by the name Paul Allen who has over $20 billion
and cannot produce a winning team or find a good coach. I must critique Nate
McMillian terrible coaching/substitution strategies in particular against that debacle against Denver. (I must admit, I was rooting for Denver and Earl Boykins because the guy is my height and he is a fuckin beast!) WTF was a tired Theo Ratliff doing playing the entire 4th quarter over Joel Pryzbilla?! Not only is Joel the better player on offense and defense IMHO, he was the fresher guy. There was no excuse not playing Joel there. Again, Paul Allen has done a tremendous job with this team by hiring superb personel. If there's any justice for this, (which there probably isn't) the Seahawks will choke at SuperBowl XL giving my man Bill Cowher a deserved SuperBowl ring.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

What the buck... What the muck... What the f.... but not in that order.

What the f....?!

So the grand daddy of sports is set for Detroit for Super Bowl Xtra Large (XL). My predictions so far have been 6-4 record with a few upset picks in my belt. I've held back posting but have to give the Seahawks credit for playing the game of the year against a wounded Panther team. But seriously, if the Panthers had a healthy Julius Peppers, and had Stephen Davis or DeShaun Foster instead of their emergency RB, things would have been alot different.

The Seahawks are 3 point underdog and you know what, I unfortunately have to admit it but I think the Hawks are gonna make history and beat the Steelers. As much as I abhor Paul Allen, you have Matt Hasselbeck playing like a Hall of Famer. With being in the shadows of the great Brett Favre and coached my Mike Holmgren, this guy looks like to be a future Brett Favre if not already. Don't forget MVP Shaun Alexander to go along with that and furious defense that led the league in sacks.

What the buck?

Match up looks great with two potent defenses which I'd rank pretty much equal but I think Seattle's offense is a little better. Hopefully, Jerome Bettis' return home to Detroit will inspire him to run like there is no tomorrow for him (literally) and pull out the "dubya" but if I had to bet money, I'd regrettably put it on the Seahawks.

What the muck?

Played a tourny last Sunday and when out in a blaze of dissappointment. 118 players started; less than 40 remained and top 20 paid. Blinds getting huge. Get dealt snowman (8s) UTG and raise 3 time bb to 450. 5 callers. Good god!! Don't they respect a raise UTG. Flop is 8-5-4 with 2 clubs giving me top set. 2 blinds check to me and I bet half the pot which leaves me with just over half my chips left. The button raises enough to put me all in and I have putting him on AK of clubs... He flips QQ. Even better. Turn is a duece and river is a Queen!! GG NH Nice catch. Would have been a dominate force if my lucky 8s held after the flop Bad luck continues for me. Reno in 2 months; hopefully this funk I'm in will end soon.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Football thoughts and more

Coming off from last week's 3-1 record, I feel like I should be betting a good chunk of money on tomorrow NFL Championships conference games. Happen to flip through the channels and came upon Fox Sports Net. There analysts consisted of some ex pros like Jason Sehorn and Warren Moon. To my surprise, many of the analysts both picked my pics for the upcoming games. It was suppose to be my special "Double upset special pick" as I am taking both the Steelers and the Panthers to win on the road but since the "analysts" say so as well, I guess its not an upset special than is it? Ah who am I kidding. As long as the Panthers beat the Seahawks like the Panthers beat the Rams 2 years ago (which nobody but me thought that would happen :-D) all will be good. To show my support, I have changed my buddy icon and wallpaper of my AOL screen name of that to the Panthers. All you Seahawk haters and Panthers fans, let's kick some Seahawk ass!!

A big thanks to Tito for making a banner for me. Looks fantastic. Now, if I only could get the thing pasted onto the site for a permanent link... For now, here is on this post and hopefully I can get it up permanently.

TNA Impact tonight. Will Sting make another appearance following the Final Resolution PPV? As Sting would say, hopefully, "It's Showtime!!"

Sunday, January 15, 2006

NFL Playoff Madness!!

Ok didn't get to write about last weeks games so I won't go to in depth into that. I will say that I did go 3-1 in my pics as the Panthers, Steelers, Patriots didn't let me down. How the hell did the Skins beat the Bucs?! Personally, I thought the Bucs would have had a better chance to beat the Seahawks than the Skins. The Skins had all the chances to beat the Hawks with 3 tournys but failed to capitalize... The site of thinking the Hawks will make and win the SuperBowl just disgusts me so I will stop my bickering on this subject.

I picked the Patriots to beat the Broncos, unfortunately did not happen. Again, another game where the Pats had momentum to win the game. On the play where Tom Brady threw the interception to Champ Bailey, I thought 2 things as I saw the play. 1st off, he was rushing and audibling the play to the very last second and I was yelling for the Pats to call time out. No go. Secondly, the play before, Champ Bailey was on his game and out of all people, I would want to throw the ball away from that guy (and John Lynch). No go. Bad play call and bad play for not calling time out. Ended up costing the Pats the game although that fumble at the one yard line should have been a touchback...

Game of the week is the Steelers upsetting the Colts though it really isn't an upset if you factor in the Colts choke in the playoffs the past few years. Sort of makes me thinking again why I picked them to win. The Colts had all the chances in the four quarter to win/tie the game. The bad call of the incomplete/interception to the fumble on the 2 yard line and then the missed field goal, they must be the ex-Chicago White Sox of baseball. Congrats to Bill Cowher though. He has gotta be my fav coach in the NFL. Not only is he a superb coach, his facial expressions are priceless. Never smiling; almost looking like somebody shot his dog. Then when the Steelers sack Peyton Manning on 4th down with about a lil over 2 minutes left, the camera cuts to Cowher and he is jumping up and down and smiling like they won the game. Rare and priceless site. Then the next play was the fumble and there is a rather shocked look and Cowher's face rather than anger which surprised me. Ok, after some bad play calls by the Colts from "2nd and 3rd down and 2" where they could have easily thrown a short pass or run to get a new set of downs and call timeout, they don't and settle for a long field goal from normally Mr. Automatic Mike Vanderjadt. Oh, what will happen? Cowher jinx because he celebrated early or the Colts jinx? Kick is up and... not even close!! Cowher rejoices.

The way the Steelers shut down a great offense, I think they will match up well if they had to play the Colts. Hopefully, the Panthers can take them out before that. One more game to go. It's gonna be hard to top this Steelers/Colts game.

Friday, January 13, 2006

The worst place to finish in a poker tourny...

It is never good to finish last in anything especially a poker tournament. Imagine buy-in to a $1,000 event or even higher and only to exit first within the 1st 15 mins or so. Well, I really never had a problem with finishing last and in fact, is not the worst place to finish in poker. What is the worst place to finish you ask? Well, it seems like whatever tournament I have been playing lately is the worst place to finish.

Three tournys of being exactly the bubble boy (going out one spot from being paid) and a tourny I just got done with finishing 5th where only the 3 places get paid. A $2,000 tourny with 1st getting a cool $1G and $600 and $400 for 2nd and 3rd respectively with only 19 entrants. Managed my own and did well through most of the tourny. 1 nemesis to my left who sucked out on me 2 hands that prob hurt my chances of winning. Early in the tourny, KQ lost to his K9 and my KK lost to his AK. I still sling my chips around like ol' Sharky recommends and manage to make the final table. At once, I got up to 2nd place with 6 people to go. Every1 is pretty much even except for the chip leader who has a nice distance from the rest. Five are left now. Tourny has lasted a while and the blinds are huge. I get dealt K10s in 2nd pos and raise. Blinds are 400-800 and I raised it up to 1800 It's folded to the BB who puts it all in which is only about 1100 for me to call. I gotta call hoping he has 2 unders. He has A9s. I hit a 4 flush on the turn but the river is a brick and now I am down to a lil over 1300 in chips. I got out 2 hands later w/Q10s to an AA. Advice from any1? Should I have waited, folded, or done anything else?
The poker gods must have turned on me and hate me b/c right now, I am colder than a Haggen Dazs ice cream bar.

Guys, don't forget to watch Smackdown tonight. There is a new champion in the making. Read post below if you want to be spoiled before you see it.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Congrats to my fav. wrestler in the buz right now...

Ok, everybody may not be a fan of him as he enters the ring, he is reserved this special chant. These people have no respect but then again, recently, he has been getting cheered in the ring. Who am I referring to? Should be a no-brainer cuz I am talking about Olympic Gold Medalist Kurt Angle.

Kurt Angle is probably the best technically sound wrestler today. He reeks of charisma and entertains me everytime. I still don't see how people can chant "You suck" to the guy. The guy won a freakin (as Angle would say) gold medal for our country in the 96 Olympics with a broken neck. To top that off, he wrestles today with the surgerically repaired neck and as I read rumors and wrestling news, his neck hasn't been gettin any better. To top that off, he divorced his wife (who I've heard was once a hot stripper) to stay in the WWE and prove to the world that he is the greatest wrestler alive. No bull shit about it and I believe it.

It's been a long while since Kurt won and held the big one. Possibly 2 years or more. I remembe Kurt beating Stone Cold in Pittsburgh, his home town to win one of his WWE Championships. This coming Smackdown that just was taped also is based in Pittsburgh and since Kurt is technically a member of the RAW roster, it should be interesting to see how Kurt gets the title.

Monday, January 09, 2006

Raffo "The Mofo" and football thoughts

Just got off the 1st day of school today and boy did it reek worse than the dead squirrel that got run over the road a few days ago on Sussex Drive. All thanks to one ass-clown. Professor Raffo "The Mofo." I entered his class being like 5th on the waitlist which usually isn't a problem that low on the list. He cracks a few jokes and then takes the every popular role on the 1st day of classes like every other teacher. Fucker gets to the waitlist and reads some names. Why the hell hasn't he called my name yet? 15 peeps now and I realize the jackass is calling the names in ABC order. NOOOO you piece of horse shit!! 25 or more names into it with about 4/5 of the people he called out were not present. Gets to my name and yes, things appear to be well. The next guy he calls is the last one to "temporarily" get in. Then he sees peeps waiting by the door and asks if they were registered and jumping Jee-ho-sa-phet, there is like 7 or 8 peeps there that were registered and got in. "The Mofo" then goes on and says everybody on the waitlist stand up while every1 that was registered to sitdown. Great; not a fucking seat left. Somehow, this one guy I know, Somp, who Raffo butchers his name 5 times or so, who is probably 15th or higher on the list gets in and every1 else is left out. What the fuck kind of system is that?! Your system smelled like you just took a watery diarehea shit that 10 other people couldn't stand.

Alright things don't look good in the NFL. As far as I know it, the Seahawks are the favorite in the NFC to make the SuperBowl. I for one, cannot stand the Hawks cuz Paul Allen owns them and Bob "WhitShit" Whitsit is appart of. These 2 peeps fucked up Portland's once beloved Blazers that I too once loved. My only hope is that the 5th seated Panthers can beat the bad news Bears b/c I believe that'd match up good against the Seahawks best. Look what they did 2 years ago vs. the Rams. Like the Rams, the Seahawks are a high-fueled offense. Both teams have stellar QB's and with Hawk's improved defense to Carolina's superb "D", this has the potential to being another great game with a possible upset that NEEDS to happen! Well, maybe not NEEDS to but somebodys gotta do it. Bears, Colts, Pats, Steelers, Broncos, and especially the Panthers: GO GO GO!!

Winner and NEEEEWWW Champion of the WOOORRLDD...

Congrats to Adam "Edge" Copeland for annihilating punk thuganomics major John Cena to win the 3rd prestigous title in the wresling buz today (World Heavyweight Championship numba 2 on Smackdown b/c it has more history and of course numba 1; the NWA World Heavyweight Title in TNA b/c it has even more historic Champions that have won that title). 14 years of blood, sweat, tear, and dedication to the buz and Edge is now the champ. There were rumors that Edge was unhappy with how he was used and regretting signing his new contract cuz he would have liked to gone to TNA w/Christian. Gee, I wonder how much Christian leaving the WWE to TNA and receiving a huge push played a part on Edge winning "the big one"? Could it be to make Capt. Charisma (Christian) jealous? One things most certain; Matt Hardy probably isn't a happy camper.

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