Sunday, July 13, 2014

My 2 Cents on Richard Marx's "Beautiful Goodbye"

I grew up listening to soft rock/pop music as a kid as that's what my mom would only have on the radio all the time during the 80's and 90's. Even though I'd drift away to different genres of music, I'd always return to listen to the great Richard Marx. From mega-classics like "Right Here Waiting", "Hazard", "Endless Summer Nights", "Should have known Better", and my personal favorite "Hold on to the Nights", I could never find a fault in the man's voice or lyrics...

Fast forward 25+ years later today (damn, I feel a little old), the 50-year-young man has returned with a new spunk to his lyrics in his new album "Beautiful Goodbye" yet maintaining the same sublime voice as he did back in the 80's. Long gone are the songs of long-term commitments that have transformed into promiscuous and seductive romances. Marx describes it best as "mostly a series of songs about seduction, sex, and the mystifying sensual dance between two people." (via Billboard interview).

Call me a "Repeat Offender" (Marx's 2nd Titled Album back 25 years ago in 1989), but I can't stop listening to "Beautiful Goodbye". And I'm not a chick... Does that make me weird (probably, but I'm from Portland). Luckily, I'm not the only guy as this guy takes the words right out of my mouth...

If Richard Marx wasn't the master of saying "I want to f*** you" compassionately without ever saying "I want to f*** you", then we should all declare him king after this album's lyrical art... (However, if you've seen him perform live, you know he is more than capable of dropping a few F-Bombs...)

If you previously used Marx's older songs for intimate situations, get ready to pile songs like "Whatever We Started", "Suddenly", "Inside", "Like the World is Ending", "To My Senses", "Eyes on Me", and "Just Go" to the playlist!! You really can't go wrong with lyrics like:  

We cant stop whatever we started 
Can't resist what's meant to be 
Forget whatever we promised 
I want you all over me 
Let's do it now, don't think 
Look in my eyes and don't blink...


I'll make love to you 
I know you want it too 
Whisper something sweet but no more questions please 
Drops of sweat, 
dripping wet 
The taste of you all over me 
You will see, It's what you need 
Shut your mouth just let it be 
Just let it... be


I would die and kill 
Battle, beg, and steal 
Baby, just to feel... 
Your eyes on me... 
Nothing I wouldn't do 
For one more taste of you 
Yeah, I'm addicted to... 
Your eyes on me...

I also tweeted: to Richard that some of the songs, especially the background music are or could be used in porn in which the man himself favored. Not from uh... experience, but listen to the electric guitar in "To My Senses" and tell me what that sounds like... :-)

This may be a first, but on the track "Have a Little Faith", I could have mixed up Marx for one of Savage Garden's songs. Background music and Darren Hayes' voice eeriely similar here. For once, not a Bryan Adams confusion (but in my honest opinion, Marx is way, Way, WAY better than Adams...)

Personally, I thought the "Beautiful Goodbye" Album would have included more melancholy songs as Richard is coming off a recent divorce but the added positive flavor of sex and seduction was quite refreshing. Marx continues to bring his pure, flawless voice that many younger artist today don't have. Yet the damn radio stations today continue to play shit from Pitbull (thanks a lot NBA on ESPN and NBA on ABC), Selena Gomez, and Justin Bieber over Marx. If you were a previous fan or not, "Just Go" "Have a Little Faith" and buy "Beautiful Goodbye." This album is brilliant and will blow you away! Shock and wow factor alone, if I could give it a 20 out of 10, I would!! Looking forward to the "Whatever We Started Tour!!

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