Thursday, November 30, 2006

Shitty River

Well, the hand history is pretty crappy but this is all they got at PokerBlue (At least there software and online support are way better than Absolute Poker). I am at a full 2-4 FL game and am second to act with A-A (Yeah... or not...) My screen name, DamDaRiver couldn't be more perfect for this situation:

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Only 2 More BPT Events

That's right boys and girls... The fall classics of the BPT are winding down to its epic conclusion. Whether my tables are donkalicious or full of bad beats, this next tourny will most definitely be "flopilicious" (the host).

I am currently in the top 30 where my goal is to reach the top 20 to qualify for the big Aussie Millions tourny qualifier and this could be my last chance as this is the last NL Holdem event as the final event will be a Omaha EO Tourny hosted than by none other by my poker bud "Beerman" Mike.

If you haven't downloaded pokerdotcom yet, please do so here. Still want to play in the BPT, join here. You got nothing to lose and everything to gain. $500 Freerolls and a chance to win a free seat to the HUGE Aussie Millions tourny in January.

Down with Coach Nate McMillian! Give him the Pink Slip and Start Sergio Rodriquez!!

Although the young up-and-coming Blazers are struggling with the injuries of Brandon Roy, and Darius Miles (and Joel Pryzbilla who just returned yesterday), you cannot blame all of their loses due to injury. I think big big factor in why the Blazers have been playing so poorly is because of piss-poor decisions by Coach McMillian.

Even though McMillian rebuilt the Sonics for one year (mainly b/c of Allen and Lewis), he hasn't done shit with the Blazers except take them to their lowest winning total in history last year of 21 games. Congrats Nate... quite an achievement.

The mind-boggliing question I have right now is that why the hell is Sergio Rodriquez not playing more minutes or even better yet, why isn't he starting?! Dammit, this guy helped the Spain International team win a freakin' gold medal and his game can definite be compared to that of 2-time MVP Steve Nash... only younger. Sergio hadn't play a single useful minute in his career and it took two garbage minute-sparked comebacks from over 20 points to games that were winnable to get Coach McMillian's lackluster attention. Now, Sergio gets to play mainly 10 minutes a game, mainly the 1st half and then sits the second half out while opponents blow our asses (no not in that way) in the 2nd half.

Whatever the Blazers have done the past 2 years, it hasn't worked and I think it's time for a change. The fun and gun offense used by Steve Nash in Phoenix has completed turned their last place team around into NBA Title contenders. Sergio has the potential to do the same thing here in Portland, but fucking idiotic coach has got his head so far up his ass, he can see what he had for dinner last night!! And how's this for a knee-slapper: The Blazers were actually interested in getting one of Phoenix's assistant coaches a couple years ago before they decided to take Nate McMillian... Imagine El' "Rodrigo-Nasho" combined with Brandon Roy and throw in MVP contender Zach Randolph in there and you have your big 3 that teams need... Again, another Blazer brilliant decision...

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Another Pokerdotcom special

Can I catch a fucking break. Again all in preflop and am 80% to win but of course:

Jerimiah Posted Small Blind $0.50
DamRiver Posted Big Blind $1.00
Dealing Cards
You Were Dealt (Ts, Tc)
Jerimiah Calls $0.50
DamRiver Raised to $4.00
Jerimiah All In for $29.25
DamRiver Calls $26.25
Jerimiah has (6h, 6d)
DamRiver has (Ts, Tc)
Dealing Flop (6c,5h,3h)
Dealing Turn (3s)
Dealing River (8d)
Jerimiah Wins $60.00 from pot 1 with : Full House, Sixes over Threes

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Coolered Again with Aces

Playing in the $50K Tourny at pokerdotcom and for the first time playing these things, I have a good chip count with about 75 players to go before the money and it could look like that I would make more than the minimal $5... But then, this debacle of a hand came about:

Antes Posted
heels88 Posted Small Blind 300
gmann19 Posted Big Blind 600
Dealing Cards
You Were Dealt (As, Ah)
Stormswift Folds
DamRiver Raised to 2,000
raischst Folds
ant83on Folds
shuperstar Folds
Lights0ut All In for 6,690
guruchu Folds
heels88 Folds
gmann19 Folds
DamRiver Calls 4,690
Lights0ut has (Kh, Ks)
DamRiver has (As, Ah)
Dealing Flop (2s,Qs,Kd)
Dealing Turn (2h)
Dealing River (Td)
Lights0ut Wins 14,780 from pot 1 with : Full House, Kings over Twos

What can I do to change this unholy luck? I get all my money in preflop and he has 2 outs. I can't tell you how many times I've lost with A-A to K-K (or even junk). I would go out 54 places before the money and a great opportunity for a possibly $5K that I fought so hard for was clogged into the toilet (analogy for fighting hard) and now down the drain...

Absolute Fails to Correct their Mistake... Another Screw Job... FUCK THEM

I made an earlier post title "What Comes Around, Goes Around" (to read it, go under the September archieve and it should be the 1st one at the top) on how shitty the poker company Absolute Poker is. Well, they actually had a chance to make up for their piss-poor decision making they did earlier by their "new" (but in essence, the same untrustworthy people from before).

This new rake back scheme came about in early October and finally, today, almost 2 months later on Nov. 26, I get the same horse shit response that will make me continue to not play at your leech's site. I would like to now post some of the emails I got that were not honored:


Hello Joe,

Since you attempted to register your account through an affiliate at the
initial registration of the account, you will be able to be tagged to
raketherake. Please be patient, as this will be done manually.


Lindsay Johnson
Team Absolute
Affiliate Relations

***The information transmitted is intended only for the person or entity to
which it is addressed and may contain confidential and/or privileged
material. Any review, retransmission, dissemination or other use of, or
taking of any action in reliance upon, this information by persons or
entities other than the intended recipient is prohibited and offenders may
be prosecuted. If you received this in error, please contact the sender and
delete the material from any computer.***

-----Original Message-----
From: []
Sent: Friday, November 04, 2005 4:03 PM
Subject: idle-account issue

Hi Lindsay.

I talked to Jessica from ****** about my idle issue and she told
me to email you about this. I have never made a deposit into my AP
account and have been idle for probably 6 months (probably close to a
year or more). If there is any way I can be retagged to RakeTheRake,
please let me know.

Thank you,



Hello Joe,

Since your account is being manually retagged you will not have to enter this code. All you have to do is log into your account and begin playing again.


Lindsay Johnson

Team Absolute

Affiliate Relations

***The information transmitted is intended only for the person or entity to which it is addressed and may contain confidential and/or privileged material. Any review, retransmission, dissemination or other use of, or taking of any action in reliance upon, this information by persons or entities other than the intended recipient is prohibited and offenders may be prosecuted. If you received this in error, please contact the sender and delete the material from any computer.***


From: []
Sent: 06 November 2005 00:46
Subject: Re: idle-account issue

Hi Lindsay and Jessica.

I was reviewing the steps about signing up. Since I am not a New Player (idle), how would I go about entering the bonus code RTRBONUS ?

Thank you,


In a message dated 11/5/2005 3:12:28 P.M. Pacific Standard Time, writes:

You can download it again whenever you want, because you still have a valid account with AP.


Lindsay Johnson

Team Absolute

Affiliate Relations

Note the phrase highlighted here, "All you have to do is log into your account and begin playing again." Ok, you get my rake and then you fucking ignore me... there is no reason for anyone to do business with slime like this.


Hello Joe,

Your account is properly tagged to RTR. Please let me know if
there is anything else I can help you with.

Best regards,

Lindsay Johnson
Team Absolute
Affiliate Relations

***The information transmitted is intended only for the person or entity to
which it is addressed and may contain confidential and/or privileged
material. Any review, retransmission, dissemination or other use of, or
taking of any action in reliance upon, this information by persons or
entities other than the intended recipient is prohibited and offenders may
be prosecuted. If you received this in error, please contact the sender and
delete the material from any computer.***

-----Original Message-----
From: []
Sent: Monday, November 21, 2005 4:47 PM
Subject: retagging to RTR

Hi Lindsay, how are you doing? I hope all is well.

I wrote to Jessica from RTR today and said I should still try to contact you once more.

I had an idle account for a year a so, and she recommened me to contact
you in order to try to get my account retagged to RTR. You said it should have been retagged, but I am still unable to see my
statistics from RTR 2 1/2 weeks later.

My screen name is THESTUDENT and my account number is either 252127
(according to the info that RTR received) or 164309 (old account

Thank you and regards,


Well, I didn't save all my emails from Lindsay but I think this was the last one before she completely ignored me when I continued to send her emails why my rake was being paid back...

So there you go folks... Although Absolute is US friendly, they are scum-sucking leeches in general and I urge ALL players to abandon ship with AP, Absolutely Piss-poor now!!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

I Finally Updated My Myspace Page

Probably been about 2 months or so since I've updated my Myspace page but since Thanksgiving break is here and I have some extra time, I thought I'd waste some of my existance doing that. I have a dark backround with Tifa (from Final Fantasy VII) as my desktop. I have also added some classic Family Guy clips that should make you "poop" yourself. Have a look here boys and grrls and tell me what you think...

Monday, November 20, 2006

VKM = Vincent Kennedy McMahon and now Voodoo Kin Mafia

BG James and Kip James, formerly "The New Age Outlaws" ("Road Dogg" Jesse James and "Bad Ass" Billy Gunn) and formerly of the "James Gang", have now been repackaged with this new, "VKN" "Voodoo Kind Mafia" gimmick that resembles the DX WCW Invasion. Quite a redebut for the dynamic tag team duo and quite a statement on Impact this week as they called out Paul Levesque ("Levick"), aka Triple H and Michael Hickenbottom, aka Shawn Michaels, and Vincent K. McMahon himself. Wrestling fans, if you missed Impact (shame on you), check it out:

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Bad Time for a Disconnect

A bizarre thing happened just now: I had a terrbile disconnect when I was playing at pokerdotcom and I get Aces and didn't know that recently, they made a no-limit in capping in their fixed limit games. I had my internet running and was able to check my gmail at the time as well so it was just the poker client running funny. I should have definitely won a lot more. With all this preflop raising, I knew my opponent had Kings (or at worst Aces as well). I decided to stop capping preflop just in case a King would peel off. My opponent still had about $20 to go so I am missing an extra $20 in my bankroll b/c of this debacle:

JokerM Posted Small Blind $0.50
DamRiver Posted Big Blind $1.00
Dealing Cards
You Were Dealt (Ad, Ac)
yupeng Folds
midus1 Folds
holdem14me Raised to $2.00
jecha45 Folds
Steakneggs Folds
OscarNuggman Folds
villim Folds
JokerM Folds
DamRiver Raised to $3.00
holdem14me Raised to $4.00
DamRiver Raised to $5.00
holdem14me Raised to $6.00
DamRiver Raised to $7.00
holdem14me Raised to $8.00
DamRiver Calls $1.00
Dealing Flop (Jd,Th,7c)
DamRiver Bets $1.00
holdem14me Raised to $2.00
DamRiver Raised to $3.00
holdem14me Raised to $4.00
DamRiver Calls $1.00
Dealing Turn (7d)
DamRiver Bets $2.00
holdem14me Raised to $4.00
DamRiver Raised to $6.00
holdem14me Raised to $8.00
... *(This is where I disconnected)

Thank goodness there was an allin protection here and I was able to salvage a profit from this insane hand.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

BPT Event House of Blues!

Fifteen minutes and counting before BPT Event 5: The House of Blues gets underway. I am looking to improve my piss-poor 80ish finish from the previous tournament and make my way back into the top 20th on the overall leaderboard...

The TV dinner has been devoured and the orange juice quenched... Let's rock to "the house of blues" baybee!!

*** NOTE: Busted out to Skinski when he raised on button 3x to 300 and I having a miserable KJ decided to take a stand figuring Skinski was stealing and put my last 1000 and change in. He hits and Ace and I miss my gutshot...

Friday, November 17, 2006

60 Minute Adrenaline Rush Times 2!!

TNA Broadcaster Mike Tenay is known for saying, "Your 60-min adrenaline rush is next" and yesterday it was a 120-minute adrenaline rush! An incredible primetime debut of fore TNA Impact that saw spectacular matches and some surprising face/heel (aka good guy/bad guy) turns.

Everyone remembers the classic matches between America's Most Wanted (AMW) and The Naturals. The Naturals got the best of them when they were the heels (bad guys) 12 months ago while AMW got the better of them 6 months ago when they were heels. Ironically yesterday's Impact, both teams officially switched rolls again but in different scenarios. AMW had been in a grudge w/the LAX after a sick attack by the LAX and to AMW's valet Gail Kim. When LAX tried to burn the US flag, none other did America's Most Wanted return (from the face ramp. TNA has 2 entrances. The one with the red floor is the face ramp and the one with the clear ground is the heel ramp) to save the burning of the flag. In another surprising twist of fate, when LAX left the building to burn the flag along w/heel but fan favorite Candian Petey Williams, he saved the burning of the flag and sacrificed himself for it.

2 weeks ago, The Naturals were still entering from the face ramp but last week on Impact when they attacked Team 3D, it looked like another heel turn. It was official as they entered from the heel ramp to take on Team 3D in a tables match: a match Team 3D has never lost... until now.

Chris Sabin had obviously been foreshadowed to turn heel and when he ran up the face ramp but ignored to save his bud Sonjay Dutt from Samoa Joe, the turn was official. In what I thought was the match of the night, featuring Sabin, Styles and Daniels, Daniels would pin Sabin to become the new X-Division Champion! Lots of crazy shit in this match including Daniel's combo move of a Rock Bottom and STO Takedown to Sabin in Styles w/1 move!! and Style's Moonsault into a inverted DDT and (normal) DDT to Sabin and Daniels!!

Barbwire cage match didn't disappoint. I thought Christian was gonna die with the amount of blood he lost and when Rhino put the barb wire in Christian's face to make the blood guzzle worst, damn! Highlight of the match had to be the gore on Christian through the cage!!

The long await to see Kurt Angle's first match in TNA wasn't Kurt's best but damn, the fans went crazy!! Those hundreds of fans in the TNA audience were just as loud, if not louder than a WWE arena!! Kurt is getting killed and gets hit with Abyss' deadly (2nd finisher) Shock Treatment and (main) finisher Blackhole slam and kicks out of both!! Kurt counters and hits the 3 clean German suplexes on the 350-pd monster!! Kurt counters into a victory roll into an Ankle Lock and makes Abyss submit for the 1st time ever!! Kurt then gets hammered after the match by Samoa Joe and Abyss... Sting comes and makes save and brawls back at Abyss to the back... In the back Sting is hung like a pinata and is slugged by his own bat by Abyss. Joe is alone w/Kurt and now Kurt is busted open and is getting choked out... Joe vs Angle at Genesis should be off the hook!!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Primetime Baybee!!

As the theme song says for TNA wrestling superstar "Primetime" Elix Skipper, "Just say it... Say my name... Primetime baby!"

Wrestling fans where you're a Lady and gentleman, boys or girls, children of all ages, TNA iMPACT's big 2 hour primetime debut is tonight at 9pm. If your excuse of not watching TNA on Thursday nights before was because it was on at 11pm, well junior, you can no longer use that excuse ass-clowns!

I expect this show to be PPV quality featuring Christian Cage and Rhino in the 6-sided bard wire steel cage match!! Also, Kurt Angle makes his wrestling debut for TNA when he faces "The Monster" Abyss!!

The one I am looking forward to most is the triple-threat X-Division match between Champ AJ Styles vs Chris Sabin vs Christopher Daniels for the X-Div Championship. Three faces (although it appears Sabin is turning heel aka bad guy!), three agile superstars, one match that I think that will steal the show.

Wrestling fans: this is not a wrestling show you should miss tonight. Tune your tubes to Spike TV at 9pm, sit down, drink a cold one, and enjoy the show mofo's!!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Unfortunately, the Blazers are Back to Normal, Mario Lopez gets Screwed


Well, every good thing has to come to an end as the Blazers returned to their sucky-ass ways. The loss of ROY canidate and sensation Brandon Roy has definitely hurt the team, but I must say that I am impressed with Sergio Rodriquez. His shooting isn't the best but that can develop but his killer speed, his ball-handling, and driving skills are phenemenal so similar to that of Steve Nash. Sergio is obviously younger and has great potential to run the West-coast offense in Portland as Nash does in Phoenix. How good can the Blazers be with this guy... I sure hope our crappy coach lets this guy play some quality time in the future...

Lamarcus Aldridge also looks like a great prospect for the future and if Coach McMillian is smart event, we will be seeing him replace Udoka in the starting lineup very soon...

Super Mario

Emmitt Smith should win most improved dancer throughout the season but there is no way that he should have beaten out "Super" Mario Lopez for the Dancing with the Stars Championship. Despite breaking some of the rules early (gotta love the rebels), Mario was the best dancer from start to finish and because of Len's abhor and loathing to Mario, I think the ol' Reality screw-job that takes place in many of the popular reality shows once again occurred. Oh well, no biggie. Show is still great and enjoyable to watch and all that was on the line was a disco-ball trophie...

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Ugly Mofo' of a Beat

Another pokerdotcom special as it appears as I have been getting a lot of beats involving the ol' runner-runner technique here. This was at the limit 1-2 table so good thing it wasn't NL or I would have lost it all on the flop. My analysis of the hand will be in parenthese ():

Figuroao Posted Small Blind $0.50
AJ2390 Posted Big Blind $1.00
Dealing Cards
You Were Dealt (Qd, Qh)
fstgrndr55 Folds
mnfatts Folds
Mayhem77 Folds
jon0499 Raised to $2.00
sakana Folds
DamRiver Raised to $3.00
MrBernstein Raised to $4.00
Ccarcharias Folds
Figuroao Folds
AJ2390 Calls $3.00
jon0499 Folds
DamRiver Calls $1.00

(Pot odds, especially in limit. I actually think MrBernstein has A-A, K-K, or even A-K)-------------------------------------------------
Dealing Flop (Ks,Qs,Kd)
AJ2390 Checks
DamRiver Bets $1.00
MrBernstein Raised to $2.00
AJ2390 Folds
DamRiver Raised to $3.00
MrBernstein Raised to $4.00
DamRiver Raised to $5.00
MrBernstein Calls $1.00

(I rule out K-K in my opponents hand and think he has A-K with all the raising going on)
Dealing Turn (Jh)
DamRiver Bets $2.00
MrBernstein Calls $2.00

(What, no more capping. I now have MrBernstein on A-A in the pocket)
Dealing River (Js)
DamRiver Bets $2.00
MrBernstein Calls $2.00

(Terrible river card as the board has paired twice, but I figure that since MrBernstein called on the turn, I think he has A-A and will pay it off because of all the money thats in the pot already, but cluckity-fuck, he has A-K to beat my counterfeited full house via the running Jacks)
DamRiver has (Qd, Qh)
MrBernstein has (Ad, Kh)
MrBernstein Wins $31.50 from pot 1 with : Full House, Kings over Jacks

Well, fellow poker bloggers. There's my analysis throughout the hand. What do you guys think? What would you have done differently? Even if i check the river, I'm sure I'd have to call $2 at the end in a $30 pot... Just another one of those days I guess...

WTF?! No Blazer Choke and Infact, a MONSTER Comeback

Alrighty Blazers fans or not, but if you weren't at the Rose Garden last night (unfortunately I wasn't and saw quite a few empty seats there), then you probably missed the NBA basketball game of the year to date this far and right now, I am thinking, "Why the fuck wasn't this game on TV in our area?!"

As mentioned in the previous blog, the game was against the currently # 1 Hornets who had just come off their 1st lost and they looked to rebound from this. It appeared as if they were gonna walk away with this one early as Portland was stinking up like Fat Bastard's shit scenes in "Austin Powers" as after the 1st quarter, our (Trail) Blazers only scored 13 points and trailed by an astounding and most likely insurmountable 25 points ! Hell, if I was at the game and saw that 1st quarter, I might have just stormed off to exits and slap myself in the face for this ugly debacle.

With Brandon Roy ailing off after 7 minutes of play and no points and never to return because of his heel injury, I really didn't see a way for the Blazers to come back, but low-and-behold our MVP "Zbo" Zach Randolph to once again tear it up for another 30+ plus point game and 10+ more rebounds (glad he is on my fantasy team). Zach did have a supporting cast with Jarrett "Jack 'em Up" Jack and "T-Law" Travis Outlaw laying down the law from the bench with 16 points and 6 BLOCKS!!

Seeing the highlights from the game, Blazers turn the biggest deficit of the game of 27 points into a three point lead, until a clutch and tough turn around shot from downtown by Peja Stojakovic that tied the game. That guy is unbelievable. Randolph would get the ball the next play and would quick-drive to the hoop and get foulded with just seconds left. Zbo makes the 1st (whew, usually that's the toughest one) but would miss the 2nd, and the deadly Stojakovic would get the ball and launch a shot from 3/4s of the quart and when I saw this highlight, I was almost certain it was going in as it was straight on but fortunately hit the back-iron for the miss and the BLAZERS COMEBACK and WIN!! I swear if the shot was an inch harder, it would have banked of the glass and gone it or if it was an inch shorter! Blazers are now an unbelievable 2 games over .500 at 4-2 and although the season is still very early, NOBODY could have predicted this incredible start!!

Friday, November 10, 2006

Blazers Still Over .500 Mark... Tough Opposition Tonight Though...

Without rookie sensation Brandon Roy or big man Joel Pryzbilla, the game vs. the red hot Lakers didn't look good for our Blazers. However, the Portland Rose Garden magic put some kind of trance on Zach Randolph and the Blazers as the Blazers won the grudge match versus our rivals convincingly and thus, was the 5th time in a row the Blazers have beaten the Lakers at games in the Rose Garden. "Zbo" Zach Randolph put together an incredible back-to-back 30+ points game with a colossal 36 points and 10 rebounds. MVP material so far boys and grrls and because of him and Roy, the Blazers are still over .500 mark at 3-2!

Things don't look to be easier tonight though vs. the #1 ranked Hornets from and the fact that they killed the Blazers in the games from last season. Both teams are improved from last season and it could come down to the Brandon Roy factor playing or not playing because of a left heel injury.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Full Tilt Poker Review and Rakeback Deal

Phil Ivey, John Juanda, Chris "Jesus" Ferguson, "The Professor" Howard Lederer, "The Great Dane" Gus Hansen, Jennifer Harmen, Mike "The Mouth" Matasow, and many other of today's p pros play at Full Tilt Poker. Endorsed by today's paramount pros and USA friendly, Full Tilt Poker is emerging as one of today's most potent online poker rooms.

Full Tilt is offering new players a juicy 100% signup bonus up to a massive $600. The bonus might be a little more difficult to clear at lower limit levels, but it should still be an enticing bonus to go for with all the donkeys and fishes from Party and Pacific flocking and swimming over to donate their money to you.

FTP also offers variety other than Holdem including Razz, Stud, and Omaha. You can typically find Phil Ivey, Mike Matasow, and Gus Hansen playing at the highest stakes offered at FTP (most recently, the Omaha games is where they've been playing at) if you want to be entertained and amazed by the pros' plays.

For any new players that sign up at Full Tilt Poker and use the Bonus Code EATSLEEPPOKER, I will offer you a cool 27% rakeback deal on your play. Email me if you have any questions about this tight over.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Shazam to Oh Sh(az)it!

ROY of the year leading contender of our Blazers had to be the "shiznit" leading the Blazers to two comeback wins versus our rival Sonics and most recently, against the undeafeated Timberwolves. With such stellar performances, recently re-ranked the top rookie prospects of this year and put our boy Roy in 1st! Unlike ex-Blazer rookie of the year Damon Stoudamire (who basically stunk it up real bad here in Portland after 3 promising seasons in Toronto), Roy is earning his stripes in the Rose City. Shazam!!

However, word out is that after the game vs. Minnesota, Roy aggrevated a heel injury that was unreported and by the time the Clipper went about yesterday, it got worst. If this injury is severe, we can expect the return of the shit performance the Blazers put on last year... Oh sh(az)it!!

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Coolered at the BPT

One thing is for certain: I hate Omaha. Check out this cooler. I'd fold this hand preflop but it was a BB special/cooler setup for my demise...

stuarthomegame Posted Small Blind 15
DamRiver Posted Big Blind 30
Dealing Cards
You Were Dealt (7c, 8c, Qc, 4c)
bolcs5 Calls 30
KiwiWiz Folds
lifesagrind Folds
gohabs1234 Calls 30
thepurdle Calls 30
newfie25 Calls 30
stuarthomegame Calls 15
DamRiver Checks
Dealing Flop (2c,Jc,6c)
stuarthomegame Bets 120
DamRiver Raised to 300
bolcs5 Folds
gohabs1234 Folds
thepurdle Raised to 1,200
newfie25 Folds
stuarthomegame Folds
DamRiver All In for 1,805
thepurdle Calls 905
thepurdle has (2d, 5s, 5c, Ac)
DamRiver has (7c, 8c, Qc, 4c)
Dealing Turn (2s)
Dealing River (As)
thepurdle Wins 4,510 from pot 1 with : Full House, Twos over Aces

Another player said he folded a flush too and I figure like in Stud or Razz, I keep track of the cards. If I am only dealt two clubs, I fold this hand but since I had 4 clubs and 3 flopped, I didn't put my opponent on the better flush (set is what I put him on), but what can you do, that's poker and I got coolered once more... :(

Friday, November 03, 2006

Enjoy it While it Lasts (3 of them)...

Why Pistons Why?!

*** (If photo is just a blank white, click on it to see the atom-nuts of one Terry Porter. I used the progra "Paint" so if anybody knows how to clear the white, please help me out) ***

To start off topic one, I must say that although I am a HUGE Rasheed Wallace fan, I can no longer support the Detroit Pistons. You may be asking yourself, why would you turn on Sheed? Well, I was disappointed that they let the Heat through to the finals and of course giving Shaq another ring, but that is not the reason or grudge I have on Sheed. The reason is that shitty coach Flip Saunders (and possibly Joe Dumars) hired ex-Blazer and thief-in-the-nigh Terry Porter. Now, the NBA considers Porter to be one of the nicest guys to have played in the NBA, but oh contrare ladies and gent. Here is a little anedote about Porter's real true colors: Terry Porter once had his car fixed at my father's auto-body shop about 15 years ago. He hit the road without paying the bill and still owes my dad $2,000 (but with interest, it should be a ton more). You play in the frickin' NBA and you are making millions yet you cannot afford $2000 to pay to have your Mercedes replenished?! It was a mistake that my dad let him go without paying but since he had former Blazers and teammates of Porter like Jerome Kersey and Kevin Duckworth in before jackass Porter fit their bills for their car repairs, he thought he could have trusted Porter... If the Blazers never win a championship again, that will be ok by me as long as that numb-nuts Terry Porter doesn't get one for (assitant) coaching.

Blazers Above .500!!

Speaking of the Blazers... Sure our unbeloved Portland Trail Blazers have a perfect record for the first timesince 1.5 years ago ((yes I said unbeloved... Have you seen attendance without Rasheed Wallace...). The status will most likely not last for long so I say its time to enjoy it until tonights game vs. the improved Golden State Warriors.

BPT Top 20

As of today's overall BPT standings, I am currently in 12th place of the overall points leaders but as I say this, things could go south on me as the next event is the debut of the Omaha Hi Event for the tour tomorrow, which will be hosted by feared female player IronGirl (or at least I fear her). I should enjoy my top 20 status until tomorrow because I consider myself a weak Omaha player so everybody, prepare to take my chips!! ;-)

If you haven't had a account let, I suggest you get in on the fun. US Friendly, great online support, and of course, has it shares of bad players. Still haven't registered for the BPT and want a free shot at possibly winning a seat into the Aussie Millions, it's not too late!!

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