Saturday, December 31, 2005

Bubble Boy; not a very Happy Holidays for me so far...

Wholy shit!! Title of blog says it all. I heard "The Professor" Howard Lederer call himself the "Bubble Boy" at this year's WSOP but I think I have to take that nickname unfortunately. Played in two tournaments, $6,000 tournament and $4,000 tournament and finished both one spot from pay. The first one happened on Christmas. Did good all tournament til the start of the 3rd hour of the tournament. Had to make laydowns after being raised all-in a few times. Was getting clobbered around like The Thing clobbering Dr. Doom (just saw The Fantastic 4; good movie and I must say Jessica Alba is one fine vixen). I still had enough chips to fold around and guarantee myself $50 since 2 of the players at my table could blind out within the next 5 hands or so. I get dealt AK on the button and is folded around to me. If I want to have a shot at winning this tournament or move up in money, I have to play this hand/blind steal. I raise all-in and am called by a AJ. I am in dominating position and low and behold the 3-outer Jack(ass) flops and I get a Merry X-mas of $0 for 3 plus hours. Shit! SHIT!! FUCK!!!

Well, if I could have topped that, I entered a $4,000 tournament yesterday with 22 peeps and only top 3 pay (1st: $2,000; 2nd: $1,200, 3rd: $800). Get punished early but made up for it. 2 hands I got Q9 suited and made straights that doubled me up 2 times. Made the final table and was short stacked. I tripled up with my 9-9 and have a shot of cashin. I even made a great laydown at one point. Player UTG raised 4 times the blind. I am 3 seats ahead and get dealt AJo and decide to fold. It's folded around by all like dominoes and the player shows A-A. Wow. I feel the momentum turning. Whoops... spoke to soon. I end up being chip leader with 5 people left but the blinds are gi-normous. Shorts stacks kept raising all-in and kept doubling up. Before long, I played 9-9 and it didn't hold up, and crippled me. to 4th. Last hand, I'm on the button with K-9o and bet it all which was about 3,800 with blinds being 500-1,000. BB who is the chip leader calls with A-10 and I am about to be bubble boy. Flop is 3 jacks; I need a miracle. Turn is a 9!! Good grief the short stack is gonna survivor another han... River Ace. Fuck! FUCK!! FUCK!!! Not like that. Would of been fine if that nine didn't hit.

Alright question to those poker junkies out there. How would you have played it? I could have easily made the money in both tourny's but decided to take a chance in order to win it all/more money and ended up with $0. I read something from Lou Krieger one time. He talked about tourny startegy and said in late tournys, you have to take risk in order to win more. Sometimes you will go out on the bubble and sometimes u'll make it big. I like that philosophy but the pokah gods don't seem to like me this X-mas...

Happy days are a coming... well at least not pokah wise at this moment. Today marks 2 NEW episodes of TNA Impact with one involving my favorite as a child, Sting. TNA has done a tremendous job in their storylines lately and mocked and milked the Sting appearance thus getting the attention of everybody, which I think is working quite well. I have a good Spider-sense that I'll see him hit Jeff Jarrett with his baseball bat or Scorpion Death Drop. God, it's been too long since I've seen the mysterious one. Batter up!!

Sunday, December 25, 2005

WSOP TOC, Impact, and last but not least, Merry X-Mas

Almost forgot that the WSOP TOC was gonna be broadcasted today. Being that I already read the results for this event, I had to see it with the final three including Mike "The Mouth", "Cowboy" Hoyt Corkins, and Phil Hellmuth. Man I can't believe the bad luck Phil has against Hoyt. I remember at Foxwoods where Phil had J9 vs Hoyt had J7 where Phil caught top pair of 9s on the flop and Corkins hit running 7s to win the hand.

Back to today. Many of the hands Phil played vs Hoyt, Phil was the dog. Phil was getting his usually punishment by Hoyt. When Phil gets an A-Q and pushes, the cowboy happens to get the weapons of mass destruction A-A, which made Phil go from chip leader to the morphine drip and never did recover. How about Hoyt saying something of the likes, "I can't beat you but I have to call you on one particular hand." I don't mind the call in which he won, but don't say this crap before and then call. I bet Phil was thinking the same thing in how can you call if you say you can't beat it? Pot odds? I don't remember the exact bet size and pot so...

How about that CLB (creepy little bastard) Steven "Dannon-sprinkle-yogurt-mann" getting into Phil's business. Never thought I'd see that. Of course, Dannonmann is a nice guy in all, but he is just creepy looking to me. Now, with the attitude, I liked. I didn't think it was a big deal though. Lots of pros take their time in making their decisions. The best example that comes to my mind is Chris Ferguson. And, nobody else had a problem with Hellmuth's sloopy chip stacking so for once, I think you can't fault Phil.

Impact marked the return of "The Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels. Daniels wasn't at his best obviously coming off a "grade 3" concushion according to the announcers which is true. I love The Angel's Wing's finisher. It's a better version of HHH's Pedigree only harder to execute. Daniels being a smaller wrestler than HHH has to actually lift the opponent up in the air and slam the opponent in a safe position nearly face 1st. Always looks like it hurts and probably does to a degree where the Pedigree, HHH is a bigger person and the opponent jumps rather than lifting.

For the 2nd week in a row, TNA has mocked the appearance of Sting. I like this in that it creates suspense like the WWE does, and draws ratings. Or so b/c Sting was my favorite wrestler growing up. Ah, the colorful-painted-face screen high fiving the fans back in the day, delievering Stinger Splashes and The Scorpion Death Lock (Sharpshooter). It's been like 5 or 6 years since I've seen him wrestle and to see him again would be phenomenal. New Year's special, don't disappoint me in which I know it will not but please give me a Sting sighting dammit!!

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

It snowed!! Crazy weatherman

This past Sunday, Portland/West Linn got a rare dosage of the powdery white stuff. That's right! It actually snowed and stuck to the ground!! Remained baricaded in the house and played a few tournaments but to no avail cash wise. Made about $50 in the ring games though so all was not lost.

Listened for the weatherman's forcast Sunday night and the prediction was for freezing rain the next three days. Monday comes with a warm current that eventually takes away all the snow. No freezing rain for Mon. and Tues. Again, the weather man is a genius. Not predicting the snow on Sunday and then predicting freezing rain with not a site of it. Is it just our weather man or is it everybody's? His initials also happen to appropriately be B.S. (Bruce S.). Sometimes, I wonder why I'm not a weatherman.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Random Thoughts

Lots of tournaments coming up this weekend starting Friday. After my incredible victory for a satellite seat to the WPT World Poker Challenge (in Reno this March) and then immediately winning $300 in a $2,000 tournament, I've been colder than a Dentine Ice mint. Ok maybe not that bad, but maybe as cold as the freezing fog outside as I write this. Lady luck/poker gods, where art thou? I could use some extra money for Reno.

Next off, I'd like to denounce my fanship to the Blazers. Yes the recent 50+ lose to Phoenix followed by the normal (11 point lead in the 4th) choke I am use to by this team to the T'Wolves didn't help the cause. Yes I have been a fan probably since the tender age of 4 but you know, enough is enough. I am tired of all the atrocious management and the poor performances of the last few years. The last string that broke for me was trading Rasheed Wallace 2 years ago. Ever since then, the team has been Mae Young god-awful. So the goal was to get rid of out bad boys (boo) and develop a clean image. The bad boy image works in Mo-town but why not here? As well deserved, attendance has dwindled even worse (prob bet. 8,000 - 10,000 empty seats).

Just got the new WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2006 game for the PlayStation II for my bro. Missed out from the last one, so this makes up for it. Compared to the 5th Smackdown, there are some substantial differences and the game is quite harder (maybe I have to get use to the controls). I tried to take out that punk ass gangster known as John Cena with my main guy Kurt Angle on the Hard level of difficulty (2nd hardest) and the counter meter for the computer is too smart (again, I gotta get use to the controls). He dropped my ass like a sack of potatoes with an FU (I managed to kick out of the first 1 as he also kicked out of my Angle Slam) but couldn't survive the next one. Rematch challenge; you going down Thuganomics major (hehe; my trash talking for a video game; how pathetic; leave insulting remarks for me below ;-D)

Friday, December 09, 2005

Survivor, Imapct, Winter Break baybee!!

Boy, yesterday was absolute hell for me yesterday. 30+ pds of books' 3 finals in one day; back aches. I have had it and am estatic that an intermission is here.

Yesterday was the 1st day that I've seen Survivor in a while because of school. Man, winning a challege like Cindy did and then having the option to sacrifice the car so that everyone else could have one in return... If it could get me a million, I'd do it in a flash, but doing that doesn't necessarily get you the million and was a nice consolation prize. Nice job Cindy. I think you made the right decision in taking the car. Saw her on CBS Mourning Show today. She looked a lot like Amber, but even hotter IMO. Her accent even makes her cuter for some reason I can't explain.

I must say that the Rafe guy reminds me of Clay Aiken (which is a good thing). Goofy hair, the glasses and the accent. Can't believe he's made it this far in the show but since I haven't seen most of the shows, I never knew he was athletic as everybody else said he was the main threat. Gotta love it when a the main man is a geek is on an island with 4 other women. Should be an interesting final. Rafe first (Furst) as the poker player daddio!!

Special Thrusday Impact was on too so it was a double treat and a good start to my break. How about "The Undefeated Samoan Submission Machine" Samoa Joe annihilated Amazing Red. Joe's "Muscle Buster" prelude finisher is becoming one of my favorite finishers. Really looks like it can cripple ya or give ya a major concushion as it did to "The Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels.

The only complaint I have with Impact is that the show general starts off well and their closing matches don't necessarily top their early matchs involving the X-Division. They got the concept it isn't always about size and I really think that they should move these matches or spread some of them out to the end.

Gonna get some food. Take care everybody.

Monday, December 05, 2005

Impact thoughts

The rain is pooring. The weather is not quite freezing. It must mean one thing. Yup, it's Monday mourning. But as I write this, it's the afternoon.

Final week of this term. Can't wait til this term is over. Has been pretty brutal.

Weekend was highlighted by a great episode of Impact! High-flying, X-Division, fatal-four-way match featuring Austin Aries, Alex Shelley, Chris Sabin, and my fav Petey Williams. Seriously, this is an opening match?! Definitely main event material. Innovative wrestling at its best.

Match started of with the good guys (Sabin and Ares) hitting perfectly done suicide dives through the middle ropes. The move of the match had to be Chris Sabin's stalling suplex into a sick neck breaker/DDT. Was wicked and they should have replayed that move. I was so damn shocked (being the 1st time I've seen that move) that I had to put it in front of the Canadian Destroyer. Sabin goes on to win with a devastating Cradle Shock on Petey Dubya.

The Abyss/Sabu segment was tight. Should be interesting how their barb-wire PPV match plays out. Abyss nailed Sabu in the head with the barbie chair and busts "The Genicidal, Homicidal, Suicidal" Sabu open. Sick!! Then Abyss finds some steel/aluminum (hard to tell) guard rails from the back, lays them down, and chokeslams Sabu on them!! Holy shit!!

The only negative segment/critique I have about the show was Jeff Jarrett's long interview. He's so lucky he has backstage power. I couldn't agree more with the fans that chanted, "We want wrestling!" Thank goodness for Christian Cage's appearance as he really ribbed on "The Queen of the Mtn" Jarrett and got the fans jacked.

If anybody in town is gonna order the PPV for this Sunday's Turning Point, give me a reply/call something. I'll even bring food and pay for half of the PPV. REMINDER: Impact is on Thursday this week at 10pm EST. After my finals, this will be a great start to my winter break!!

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Random thoughts

Woah!! I can't believe it's the first day of December already. Was watching the news last night because there was an advisory for snow tomorrow. Of all days I want snow, Thursday would be the premium day for me for it to happen. Long day at school normally between 9AM to 8:30PM. I know this is Portland and we already had our share of snow last year and ice the year before maybe things were changing. I wake up, and not a damn thing but rain. Good one weather man!! I should have known it would have just rained. Your normally 50% right at these things anyways at best. Long day ahead as I type this before my next class... :-(

Next week is finals week and low and behold, I have 3 finals on next Thursday with the hardest one first with 2 being back to back form 10AM-12PM and 12:15PM to 2:05. Seriously, who is the idiot that made this finals week schedule of not taking your final on your normal day and normal time?! This is College Football BCS (or BS) ridiculous as it comes!!

I am trying to post ads on my blog and am unsure how. If anybody knows how, please leave your comments and help me out.

Just got an email about the monthly Bet365 $100 promotion they are running again. This is the sweetest deal on the net IMO. No restrictions (no bonus codes or deposit required as long as you have money in your account) and one of the easier bonuses to complete (5x raked hands of bonus). New registers need a link? Click here and I'll send you $10 free. If I get enough sign-ups, I'll try to offer some rakeback as well.

Off to class now. Regards to all!!

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