Monday, September 24, 2012

Dancing with the Stars All-Stars Tonight!

Alas, I've gotten off my ass to blog once again and for a good cause too (or not)... Dancing with the Stars will be back tonight with its first All-Star season! Since you normally read my blogs about my bad beats in poker or other degenerate ways of gambling, I will be breaking down the 5 Celebrities that I think have the best chance to take down this season.  

Drew Lachey

Drew was arguably the best dancer in Season 2 and took home the Mirror Ball Trophy over football Hall of Famer Jerry Rice. Lachey was partnered with the popular Cheryl Burke back in the day but this time, he will be matched with Anna Trebunskaya. Anna was Jerry's partner against Drew in Season 2, but that was the highest place she has ever finished. Drew is listed between +700 to +800 to win it all...

Helio Castroneves

Season 5 champ Helio was IMO the best dancer in his season topping Scary Spice Girl Mel B. Castroneves was paired with the lovely and talented and my favorite pro dancer "America's Sweetheart" Julianne Hough but she is long gone from the show becoming a country singer and a movie star... This time, Helio will be paired with Chelsea Hightower. Helio opened at +800 but has been bet down to +400 to +500. Without Julianne in this All-Star lineup and the price already being bet down, I think you should save your money on somebody else...  

Emmit Smith The Dallas Cowboy legend is also a former DWTS Champion from Season 3. However, I do not think that he was the best dancer in the season. Smith edged out the ringer of that season Mario Lopez. Really, AC Slater lost a dance competition to a twinkle toes, big bad football player (BTW, I may or may have not have wagered on this if you couldn't tell)? Two logical reasons: (1) Emmit's huge fanbase of Cowboys' fans in Texas and all over the US (though I thought Lopez had that too but maybe if he had Zach Morris' charisma) and (2) Progression as a dancer. Smith didn't come out guns a blazing but he definitely was the most improved and sometimes, that's what voters look for. Smith will be paired once again with Cheryl Burke, a former 2 time DWTS Champion and 2 time runner-up. Emmit opened at +500 and is currently around the same price...  

Quick tangent: For those to young to know or remember AC Slater, here are some Saved by the Bell Slater classic dance moments:

Slater Dance:

Shawn Johnson Shawn is a former DWTS Champion from Season 8. She beat out Gillies Marini (who is also back for the All-Star competition) that season, but IMO, Marini was the better dancer. Did Gilles get docked for being French? Her gymnast background was definitely a plus but is it just me, she has put on a little weight since retiring from gymnastics... Shawn was paired with Mark Ballas the first time around and if it was impossible to get an upgrade in dancing partners, she did as she will be dancing with the most charismatic pro dancer Derek Hough. Johnson opened up at +550 and that is the price still tagged on her...  

Apollo Ohno A champion theme here as Ohno is also a former champion from Season 4. IMO, Apollo was the best dancer from his season beating out Joey Fatone (who is also back for All-Stars). Apollo was paired with the great Julianne Hough but this time around, his partner will be Karina Smirnoff, a former champion and runner-up. Ohno opened as the favorite to win at +350 and is still around that price...  


Bet the field at your own risk, but it looks like the theme here is if you're an athlete from football, gymnastics, race a car, or a speed skater, you can dance. Although Emmit Smith is probably the weakest dancer from the 5 celebs I listed above, don't be surprised if he repeats. We just saw a similar season with current Green Bay Packer Donald Driver who beat out IMO, two better dancers than him (the lovely Katherine Jenkins and William Levy) and with the past history of football players doing well on DWTS, I say the trend continues...

Winner: Emmit Smith, Runner-up: Drew Lachey, Third: Shawn Johnson P.S. (Hedge Drew and Shawn with your bets, and yes, fill free top rip me if this doesn't come close).

Good luck,


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