Monday, May 29, 2006

I Can't Take or Stand the Heat...

Ninety degree weather in Portland this time of year is pretty unbelievable, but wait, that's not what I am referrin' to.

With basically the same dominant Piston team last year that triumphantly beat the heat last year, I thought that the same would happen again this year. Unfortunately, with the new supporting cast of Walker, Posey, and Williams along with Dwayne Wade's drastic rise in his game (IMO the leader of their team or at least in this series with Detroit), I feared that the Heat would take it to my Pistons. As I write this, the Heat lead 3-1. The Pistons play their best ball when there backs are against the wall, but I fear that this task is gonna be Mission Impossible.

If this is "Mission Impossible Hollywood", some how the good guys (or the "bad boys" as the Pistons are known as) will some how light a fire from their asses and pull this cinderella off. Come on Sheeeeeeddd!!

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Back from Spirit Mtn Again...

First off, I have to say I feel for JC Tran after watching last week's airing of the WPT LA Poker Classic. I got to meet and shake JC's hand in Reno and was appeared to be a down to earth guy. Seeing that 1 outer that Alan Goehring hit on Tran on the riva made me wanna vomit. This also made me think of the other two bad beats on the riva on previous WPT tapings that I'll never forget... Fishy Danny Nguyen's A-7 cracking an A-K after a King flopped and the donk hit running 7s to win the pot and Daniel Negreanu's 1 outer vs. Michael Mizrachi, but I must say, JC's one had to be the worst as it literally cost him $2.4 million dollars.

Just got back from Spirit Mtn about 2 hours ago. The poker room was flooded with a mine field of players. Probably was a 1 hr plus wait and didn't have the patience. I decided to stick around a lil' and watch the table in the entry that was a $3-6 FL table. One young and arrogant gun was dominating the table basically raising or betting the pots post flop and taking it down. Two donks at the table; an old guy and a young Asian guy felt the charity cause as they kept donating their mollah to him. I saw the old man chase an Ace high to showdown when the board came K-7-7-K-8 and the dominating young gun flipped over the double chickies (Queens). Another hand vs. an unexperienced Azn (in the BB) came where the young gun limped in middle position vs. the BB who had K5o. Flop came 5-4-2 with 2 hearts. BB bets and gets raised by our hero (the winning playa). Ace on turn which 4 straights the board. Donk checks; Hero bets and donk calls. Riva is Jack and check-bet-call. Hero flips over 4-2 of hearts for the straight. Wow what a table.

I go over to the Pai Gow table and tray my luck at it again as last time, I faired pretty well. Its hard to get into depth of Pai Gow since it basically is a lucky game with little or no skill. I start off well. I go up about $60 and buy the end of the day, I increase my bets (jinx) and go down $71 total in about 4+ hours of play. The majority of my ass-lashing came from the final dealer of the day (Fuck, thats normally the case. Why can't I just quit while I'm ahead at this game called Pai Gow?). Fat 280pd Stan blubbered his way to the felt and Dealt out Pai Gow's gallore. Stan, you ain't the man! Stan made my $50 profit into a $121 reverse into oblivion. A good leason one can take from this is to get away from hot (not sexually but card-wise) dealers because it was fuckin contagious and outragious and made me egregious.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Upset 1

Well another brutal week at the e-felt. Numerous times that my top pair lost to 3 outin' 2 pairs (i.e. this last one was a doozy where my K-Qs that I raised PF on the cutoff seat 6 handed got beat by some1 UTG who just posted his bet and called my raise w/Q-2o in which he hit a Queen and a duece on the flop).

Upset 2

Played in the College Poker Championship finals and finished an unspectacular 34th out of 102. 1st place paid $50,000 in scholarships where $10K was donated to a charity of your choice so $40,000 was 1st which is no chump change. Card dead throughout tourny and brutally placed at tables where there were monster stacks with a few times with 3 of the top 5 chip leaders. Bust out hand where I am 2nd to act at a 10 seated table with AKo. Blinds are 150-300 and I have 2,930 left. I pop to 1,000 and am re-raised all in. I call it and he flips over AKs of spades. Flop brings 1 spade, turn brings another, and so does the damn river and I'm sent to the e-rail.

Upset 3

Thank goodness it wasn't the Pistons as they struggled early but turned on the jets in the 4th quarter and defeated a very good and up-and-coming Cavs team. Ballah of the game had to be Tayshaun Prince. This guy is so underrated and so damn smooth on the court, I don't see how he was overlooked as an all-star. Remember his block shot on Reggie Miller 2 years ago...? If Prince doesn't do that, Pistons don't beat the Pacers and don't win the championship that year. Strong slasher, superb defense with his branch like arms. I remember when (the overrated) coach Larry Brown let this guy warm the bench as he did with Darko. Only because of injuries did Brown let Prince play and boy did he make the best out of it. No rest as my Pistons take on the Heat tonight. It's burning up in here!!

Whoops back to the upset part. So my pick of the Clips clipping the Suns didn't happen but damn, how about the resilence of the Mavs? To go into a game 7 on the road after blowing game 6 and to have a 20 pt lead evaporate and still somehow manage a way to victory is mind-boggling to me. Dirk Nowistski is definitely the da man. Should be interesting to see if MVP Steve Nash can lead his team vs. his old team and IMO playoff MVP so far, Mr. Dirk himself.

My spiel is over... Go Pistons!!

Saturday, May 20, 2006

May Mayhem

Another atrocious weeks of poker so I'll spare you my bad beat stories and what not. This month has definitely caused some mayhem and has severely made my ass turn black and blue from the lashing I've received.

Speaking of mayhem, how about the "May Mayhem" of the NBA playoffs. I know the craze of College "March Madness" is insane but holy shit, this year's NBA Playoffs have been one of the best I can recall. So many great matches and close games every night that you shouldn't be oblivious to. My Pistons just barely escaped Game 6 vs. a very talented, and unbelievable Cavalier team led by King James, but I must say, he sort of choked there at the end when he didn't shoot the three-ball. My man Sheed was cool as the other side of the pillow scoring a monstrous 24 points and shot 4-8 from downtown. You see, he does walk-the-walk and talks-the-talk... Whoooo!!! Although he missed some crucial free-throws late, "Mr. Big Shot" Chauncey Billups made some key shots and free throws to bail the Pistons out. I can't forget Big Ben and Prince for keeping the ball alive on those huge 3 offensive rebounds during the final seconds of the game. And what about Sheed's post game interview that went something of the lines like this:

Interviewer: What was going through your mind after you missed those two free throws down the strech?

Sheed: I f'ed up...

Ok, now for Joey's pics for all the Game 7s coming up:

- Pistons over Cav's and hopefully, it's guaran-sheed!!

- Spurs over Mavs. I really thought the Mavs would win this series when they were ahead 3-1 and last night's lost may be to devestating to overcome. I expect this game to be close, but since the Spurs got the home court, I'll roll with them.

- Upset special pick: Clips over Suns. Yes, you heard me right and I can't believe I'm predicting the Clippers will make the Western Conference Finals. Has hell really frozen over?! Amazingly, some of the experts picked them to beat the Suns before this series started and I was like WTF. Now after watching this series so far, I don't believe they were smoking crack. Momentum is on their side and lets not hope the Mike Dunleavy jinx takes into effect like he did with the Blazers against the Lakers (ugh).

Monday, May 15, 2006

Living "The College Life" (See Title of the Blog Page), BUT Came up Short Again...

"Close but no cigar" as the saying I've once heard. Play in Royal's College Poker Championships quarterfinals where it'd pay the top 10 with a $2500 prize pool with a cool $1000 for first. Another catch was that the top 10% would make it to the finals which in this case would have been the top 12 since there were 112 peeps representing the West Side!

Start off w/2K and 12 min blinds. I bluff my way to some pots early and win a pretty good pot w/3s full of Aces vs. some guy that mucked his hand and am in 2nd early. A good catalyst for me as I remain in the top 15 for alot of the tourny and survive bubble boy 12th and make the final table. I had two tight people to my right but so was the monster chip leader and the 2nd monster stack of my left so my seat was decent.

The big stacks took care of some small stacks and we are down to five. I make some bad bluffs but I had to try to make some moves or I'd be anted away. The short stacked tripled up with A-A (tight player) and ended up taking the chip lead and knocking me out eventually after I'd had bullied him so many times. He finally got tired and called my all in with 6-4 after he'd limped from the SB (blinds are 2000 and 4000). I had an unspectacular Dolly Parton 9-5 but decide to try to press my luck against the tight-wad but he calls over 16K more with the 6-4o and know his excuse was that he had chips... So I unhappily go out in 4th and get $225 for my 3 hours and 20 mins of play.

CPC Finals are on the 21st. Wish me luck!

Saturday, May 13, 2006

"Miz-step" and a Disappointing Finish in the BPT

First off, I re-watched the beginning of this week's WPT event where Michael Mizrachi really shot himself in the foot with that one blunder hand (nut straight vs. a set) that would have crippled Scotty Nguyen, who ironically would beat "The Grinder" heads up. Turns out that its not all Mizrachi's fault for his "miz-step." Scotty first says, "I can't believe I'm gonna call you with this hand" and then delays and then says, "raise" and puts some of his chips in and then Linda Johnson says, "Scotty calls" and then Mizrachi immediately turns his cards over... I know Matt Savage was removed from last year's WSOP b/c he screwed up how will this affect Linda Johnson. Did anybody else even notice this?! Being the gentleman and professional Mizrachi is (or unshown because it was edited), "The Miz" mentions nothing about Linda or Scotty's remark of "I can't believe I'm just gonna call you" (word bets are binding right?), but it cost "The Grinder" $500K and a WPT Title!

On to the BPT. I got dwindled away early bluffing and somehow managed to hang in there and get a good stack. I won't run through many hands that helped but a good KJ vs K10 where we got all the chips in gave me a comfy chip lead and was chip leader with about 20 to go and started at the final table in 2nd. Took small pots here and there and got to the final 3. I'm in the BB with J8o and the SB raises minimum. I call and hit an 8 with 3 clubs. I bet and he calls. Turn is a paint I believe and it goes check-check. River is another 8 and he bets out 6000... I take my time and raise minimum and he calls with AK of clubs for the flush. I am down to 9000 and don't recover and finish in a disappointing 3rd. Three previous bloggers made the final table including PearlSnapMan who has placed in 3 events I belie

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Scotty Baybee!!

After 5 previous WPT final tables, "The Prince of Poker" Scotty Nguyen took down his first WPT Championship at Gold Strike! The poker gods were definitely looking down on the phenom early as his set of 4s were rivered by Michael Mizrachi's nut straight only for "The Miz" to accidently show his cards to save about 90% of Scotty's chippies. With luck like this, you are probably destined to win. Other than this hand, I don't recall a sick/bad beat televised for this episode. Great poker with lot of bluffing as Raul Paez was everybody's whipping boy!

The lucky jade of Scotty vs. Gavin Smith's new lucky charm of the buddah would clash head-on as Smith's Q-7 took Nguyen's 7-5 to the flop where both players hit top pair of 7s and get all their chips in. A duece pairs the board on the turn giving Scotty some "chop" outs with a King or an Ace or a five to win and low and behold, a King rivers and Scotty celebrates as if he'd won the pot. Probably the happiest chop pot I've ever seen.

Headups featured Mizrachi vs. Nguyen and how ironic that Mizrachi could have severely crippled Scotty earlier on. One hand was only needed as "The Prince Of Poker picked up an AQ of spades on the button and pops it. "The Grinder" gets dealt AJo and recaps it to about 1.2 million as Scotty then puts the rest in (remember the saying don't go broke with a queen in your hand, well not for Scotty baybee!!) and Mizrachi has to call. Scotty hits an overkill flush on the river and finally gets the monkey off his back!

Interesting notes:

Nguyen and Mizrachi both made the final table at the previous year's event which was the 1st time ever on the WPT that 2 players have ever accomplished. Congrats to both.

Last year's 1st place prize that John Stolzmann won was over $1.51 million compared to Scotty's win this year of $969,000. This is the biggest drop I've seen so far in the prize pool/entrants from last year's event to this year's event but every other event has increased.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

To Spirit Mtn. Casino and More...

Live your dream at DreamPoker

First off, I've added a DreamPoker banner to the left of this page. There is a $10 freebie with no deposit necessary and offers to win a "dream" of yours. Isn't it ironic that my screen name for this blogger site is "PokerDreamer" and my slogan is "Eat, Sleep, Poker" is both similar to the site name "DreamPoker" and its slogan, "Eat, Sleep, DreamPoker." I could have sworn they took this idea from looking at my blog but what can I say, I guess we are a dream match.

What a Rocky Start: Fucked by the Traffic Officer! That's not the Spirit

To take a break from school and online poker that has been pretty atrocious to me the past couple weeks, I decided to acompany my parents to Spirit Mountain today. They even let me drive the Mercedes! We stopped by a little down called Manzanita to look at some real estate property they had purchased. As I tried to drove out of the little down, I see the most dreaded thing I've seen in a while... that's it... a copper with his lights on. He pulls me over as I was "speeding" in a 25 MPH zone at 41. Funny, I didn't see the sign as I was yappin with my pappy and when my dad saw the sign, he said I should slow down and I did and when I look at my rear view mirror, the cop has suddenly darted out and I am at about 30 MPH and pull over immediately.

He comes up and actually appears more gentleman telling me that I sped and my pappy and I tell him we were talking and didn't notice the sign fast enough hopping to catch a break. He appears cool and just asks for my license and insurance and says he'll be back. Maybe w/my parents and legitimate excuse and ability to slow down at some point, I would catch a break. The mother-fucking pig comes back and says, here's your citation, directions to the Manzanita court house, date, etc, and then tells me to don't speed and darts off immediately like The Flash. Fucking, c***-sucking, bastard appeared cool and then hit me hard and hits it before we can get a rebuttal. Like I'm gonna drive a 90 minutes or so to fight the tix. What a prick, asshole, shithead, you name it. Basically, the $150 ticket ruined my day and the only thing that could save this was a good day at the casino. Advice to all: Be careful if you ever drive through a small town in Manzinita, Oregon.

Spirits Slightly Strengthen

We arrive at the Spirit Mtn. and check the tables. My parents are a sucker for Pai Gow Poker and head toward the 3 tables that offer it. I head to the back poker room. To my surprise, it's not full but I figured people had to work tomorrow so it wouldn't be full. The only tables open were $3-6 and $4-8 which was beyond my limits I planned on playing. I go back out and check the Pai Gow tables and my parents are there and there is an open seat. I decide, why not get away from hold'em for a day and try my luck at Pai Gow, the game with no bad beats right?

I buy in for $100 and bet $10 a hand normally with no gimmicky "Fortune Bets" that usually cripple my parents. I start off shitty immediately losing 3 $15 hands to this brutal dealer and think about quitting and going back to the hold'em room, but the dealer change was next. It was a fellow Asian; young female and I start winning with mediocure pair-pair up and down or Ace-paint up and 2 pair down and even Pai Gow hands (junk/nothing hands) vs the dealers Pai Gow hands. A battle of who's shit is worse and for once this month, it's not mine!! If I'd had fortune bet these, I'd have lost my shorts as they only pay 3 of a kind and better. Not many monster hands as I only hit 3 of a kind 2 times, a straight 2 times, and a flush once and nothing higher for the night. Take that fortune/sucker bets.

Dealer change and its another Asian female. I start off rocky with her but then get a nice rush of mediocure cards and lucky higher Pai Gows. High hand of the night came when this fat lady comes to the table and buys in for $50. She practically loses every hand and is down to her last $10 as she puts $10 on the bet and $5 on the bonus and is dealt an 8-4 and then an authentic 10-J-Q-K-A of clubs for a Royal Flush!! She picks up $625 for that one hand and does the old hit and run! Never seen a fat lady move so fast to the exit before in my life either! By the time this dealer was done, I turned my $100 into $240 in two hours! I almost had enough to pay for my dreaded ticket.

Next dealer was a Caucasian zit-prone named Desiree. Scary face and creepy name. Not a good combo. However, she was very polite and chatty but my luck was about to change. Pai Gow after one another and her hitting staights, 3 of a kinds, 3 pair in consecutive hands but a dent in everybody's bankroll. I decided to quit and end up on top $84 but with the ticket, I am down $66. My mom went up $48 total which is good compared to her normal loses at this game and my dad went up a superb $150 in just over 2 and a half hours for us all. This was the 1st time we all ended up in the green ink and hopefully, won't be the last time and hopefully is the last time I run into the pigs of Manzanita or anywhere else.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Worst Weak of Poker for Me Ever...

"I'm glad I didn't get jiggy with it that hand." - Phil Hellmuth, Jr from Poker SuperStars III.

Hellmuth played some superb poker in this episode making incredible reads and then of course finished 2nd after 2 bad beats heads-up vs. Freedy Deeb where his K-Q lost to Freedy's unspectacular 4-9 after Phil flopped his Queen and Freedy hit running cards for a straight and then Phil's AK lost to Freedy's KJ after the KJ flopped. Boy, this guy is truely unlucky :-D

This quote also gets me wondering what kind of music Phil listens to under his headphones. I couldn't imagine him listening to some gansta rap but after this quote, I picture him being the next Vanilla Ice... o wait, he's gone... Eminem??

The quote I wish I had done this week as I suffered a 100% ass-kicking at a combined 3 poker sites. A week where I wish I did my homework instead of play poker. So many damn rivers that I lost track of (and don't remember all my beats so don't worry, I won't be ranting on them) and so many missed draws between the $2-4 and $3-6 really put a dent in my bankroll. They said there'd be days/weeks like this and this was it.

Does this mean I will stop playing? Will I stop playing at these sites? Of course not. Every fish has to have his day otherwise they wouldn't come back. Sure $800 is alot for a college student like me. I could have bought a nice laptop or an X-BOX 360 with that kind of money, but I am confident that I can regain my dough back. Maybe not in a span of a week, but that's poker. A game of patience grasshoppers.

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