Saturday, October 28, 2006

BPT Action Updates, I'm out now

Bad Laydown

Well, I figure it was too early to go broke with this hand and after reading about my poker bud Mike's hand involving his AKs (folded properly may I add) vs. opponent Irongirl's AA, I get the AK as well and heres what happened. I figured bgnd007 limped and then I raised and then limper did a Phil Hellmuth insta-push, I figure I was dead but oh contraré (rabbit cam also shows that my hand would have held up):

stinaguy Posted Small Blind 15
Rahaboss Posted Big Blind 30
Dealing Cards
You Were Dealt (Kc, As)
starkstatic Folds
NeoBahamut Folds
ATheGuruK Folds
bgdn007 Calls 30
DamRiver Raised to 125
burnley1 Folds
astinaguy Folds
Rahaboss Folds
bgdn007 All In for 1,785
DamRiver Folds and Shows Kc As
bgdn007 Wins 1,985 from pot 1
bgdn007 Rabbits (Ah , Qd)
Community Cards (Ad , 3h , 4d , 9h , 5d)



I get my chips in with the best hand and it holds up:

urnley1 Posted Small Blind 75
astinaguy Posted Big Blind 150
Dealing Cards
You Were Dealt (8d, 8h)
XXRockinXXD Folds
Rahaboss Folds
starkstatic Calls 150
NeoBahamut Folds
ATheGuruK Folds
DamRiver Raised to 600
RILEY31 Folds
burnley1 Folds
astinaguy Folds
starkstatic All In for 1,870
DamRiver All In for 810
starkstatic has (4d, 4h)
DamRiver has (8d, 8h)
Dealing Flop (Qh,5h,9h)
Dealing Turn (6d)
Dealing River (5s)
starkstatic Wins 610 from pot 2 with : Two Pair, Fives and Fours
DamRiver Wins 3,045 from pot 1 with : Two Pair, Eights and Fives
1:57 Took a hit versus a semi-short stack where my 7s ran into Aces. I almost folded it but I had my opponent on two overs or a smaller pair the hand above this post. :-(
2:00 Currently in 42nd out of 67 with just over 1900 in chips. Not a good turn of events before the break. Other noteables:

1st: CawtBluffin: 10,460
2nd: lightning: 9,270
3rd: NeoBahamut: 8,065

63rd: imjusthere4thebeer 985
2:08 Not even 10 minutes after the break, I get busted. I hit mid pair in an unopened pot. I bet and got a caller. A 3-card straight hit on turn and decided to represent that. Had most my chips in already but to my dismay, my opponent hit a flush on me and am out in 62nd place.

Take Two... Monitor, Mouse, Action

A reminder to all that it's less than 15 minutes before the 3rd BPT Event gets underway. Last week, there were some technical difficulties so today is the rescheduled date. I'm ready. I got my Costco chicken-bake meal (yummy), my Fruit Punch Gatorade, and my new (but basic iPod) pumping me up! Game time!!

Monday, October 23, 2006

Sweet TNA Bound For Glory Video Highlights!!

TNA Wrestling put up some wicked highlights of their "SuperBowl of Wrestling" Bound for Glory. This includes the great, intense, innovative, and high-flying action that is TNA.

Pyros, my favorite finisher Petey William's "Canadian Destroyer", AJ Styles' cross-body block of the steel cage, Homicide's quick and sick "Gringo Killah" (my 2nd fav. finisher), Kurt Angle/Samoa Joe confrontation II, and the modified look of the Sting!! Wrestling fans, check out the video here!!

Friday, October 20, 2006

The Headbutt Heard Around the World!!

No, I am not talking about soccer player Zinedine Zidane's great headbutt to the Italian from the World Cup (although he is an inspiration to us all). No, no, no junior. I'm talking about the one, the only, Olympic God Medalist, Kurt frickin Angle!! Kurt's headbutt not only made a huge impact on Samoa Joe but to all the wrestling fans in the world (would have definitely made Zinedene Zidane proud). I say this as a shock because Kurt Angle has had neck surgery and many other injuries out there and then he goes for the juggernaut that is of a Samoan (coconut) head!! Definitely the greatest moment of wrestling this year on cable TV. To view, click here and scroll down (also recommended from the show is Chris Jericho's music video "Enemy" that features great music from Chris and great TNA video montage packages!!).

The show, TNA Impact. Samoa Joe refuses to relinquish the TNA/NWA World Title but that was no surprise... until the entrance of one Kurt Angle!! May I add, a pretty sweet entrance video and bad ass entrance. The Impact audience went absolutely beserk! The TNA fans are the best and rowdiest fans in wrestling but Kurt Angle's entrance was the most bonkers I've seen the fans react. Damn, I wish I was there! If that wasn't enough, the intense stare down between Angle and Joe stirred up more of my and the fans' interest and then Angle explodes on Joe with a VERY STIFF headbutt!! (They slow-motioned the replay and it was sick)! Immediately after the headbutt, Joe's forehead is gushing with blood!! Crowd's now on a rampage fever!! Then an Olympic Slam!! Holy Shit!! This is awesome!! TNA! TNA!! TNA!!! Kurt then grabs the NWA Title and the excitement is incredible. A bloody Samoa Joe gets up and Enzygiri kicks Angle in the head. Brawl insues and officials try to break it up as the crowd is still going beserk!!

Seriously, Kurt Angle is the craziest mo'fo out in wrestling. What's to come at the Bound For Glory PPV this Sunday... I can only imagine (it's a damn shame the Tigers World Series game will be happening at the same time in Detroit and it would be a disaster if attendance/PPV buyrates go down before this because I really think this is "the Wrestlemania" of wrestling)...

Thursday, October 19, 2006

BPT Event # 3 This Sunday

A reminder that's thrid event in the BPT will be this Saturday. Your's truely is currently in 7th place going into this event and I'm hoping to maintain a good points performance or better yet, not break anymore mouses after getting beat by runner-runner cards (Event 1: My sixes flopped a set to my opponents top pair and I got runner-runner flushed out; Event 2: I flop top pair of Kings and Natsdad hits runner-runner straight on me.)

Speaking of bad beats, I took this nasty one yesterday curtousey of yesterday that I think I'll write about now because I am here and brought up the subject. I know you don't want to hear about more bad beats, but this one just symbolizes the luck I've been going through for the longest time. The action was very loose. I am at a $1-2 NL table. After seeing a flop of A-8-4 with two clubs and me holding (Ac, Qc), I check, a five dollar bet insues followed by a raise to $20. Now, previous hands, I've seen players stick it all in with middle pair and people calling with top pair no kicker so now I have hit top pair, good kicker, and the nut flush draw. I stick the rest of my money of about $120 in the pot. I get the initial better to fold and get a call from the raiser. He flips over A-8 for 2 pair which is sick (but it gets sicker). Why couldn't you have had Jack-5 when you loosie-goosies called off earlier when a Jack came. I figure he had maybe an A-10, A-J, A-6s but I was obviously wrong. Holy enchalada Batman, the turn is a non-pairing club giving me the nut-flush. Had my luck turned around... I'am about to rake in a $250 pot?!... whoops, the non-great 8 unholily (is that a word?) spiked on the river giving my opponent the deadman's full boat and making me a deadman.

Dammit, its time to rebound. Maybe I should bye me a Buddah and rubs its belly for luck...

Seriously... Chris Jericho to TNA!?

Here is an intriguing article and interview with Chris Jericho conducted by none other than TNA Wrestling

“Life is about possibility. It is about tearing down walls so that we may see farther; traveling new roads so that we may experience greater; shattering old ways of thinking so as to understand better.”

It was a dreary Sunday evening in Chattanooga when I saw Fozzy in concert for the first time two years ago. I arrived tired and with modest expectations. After all, I knew Chris Jericho personally, worked with him professionally and saw him cheered hundreds of times by thousands of fans as a wrestling superstar. This, on the other hand, was a small venue. And surely this music thing must be some quirky, fleeting hobby of his.

Was I ever wrong.

When the band took the stage at Rhythm and Blues that December evening, I was instantly impressed. Their energy was rampant; the crowd raucous. This was not the Chris Jericho I thought I knew. He truly was the “Ayatollah of Rock-n-Rolla”!

Their sound is varied. “It falls somewhere between Pantera and Journey,” Jericho told me, “heavy, with melodic vocals and tons of guitars solos.”

True. But what really amazed that night me was how natural Chris Jericho looked on stage playing the lead role of rock-n-roll superstar. It seemed so easy, so effortless. And he was having fun.

“On stage, our mission is to make sure everybody in the crowd has a great time,” says Jericho. “And we always succeed.”

Chris Jericho became a wrestling fan when he was a young boy, watching television with his grandmother in the family room on Saturday nights. The Rockers, Hulk Hogan, Ricky Steamboat, Owen Hart and Outback Jack were just a few to make a lasting, first impression. But make no mistake: music was his very first passion in life.

“I had every Beatles record by the time I was ten years old and formed my first band at 12.”

He includes the Beatles, Dream Theater, Iron Maiden, Metallica and Helloween as his favorite bands of all-time. They also inspired him to pursue his passion for making music even when he was working full-time as a professional wrestler. That’s why he was so dedicated to Fozzy.

“I started playing in a band to emulate the musicians who made up the fabric of my soul,” he said. Then, with a devilish grin, he added, “Oh yeah, and for the chicks!”

The similarities between wrestling and music are undeniable.

“They’re both hard-hitting, aggressive forms of entertainment that feed off of the reactions from the fans who are experiencing the magic,” Jericho notes. “Both are legitimate forms of art and we are all artists.”

Chris Jericho is much more than an artist: he is a genuine human being. He listens to his heart when others become slaves to the status quo. He is not afraid of taking chances. He leads when most others only follow. Last year, he left the world of professional wrestling at the apex of his career because his heart was calling him to explore new worlds. And he has never looked back.

In the summer of 2003, I, too, left a job when it would have been easy to stay. I, too, felt the calling to leave the world of comfort and safety, to break down the walls of illusion, to venture into an unknown adventure. Driving through the parking gates at work for the final time on my very last day, B.B. King’s, “The Thrill Is Gone” played on the stereo. I immediately began to cry. At that very moment, I felt vulnerable and alone. Fifteen minutes later, when the tears subsided, I checked my voice mail. There was a message from Jericho. He just wanted to wish me well and lend his support. In typical fashion, he even left a droll comment that made me laugh. It was a small gesture, but it made a profound impact. Simple, genuine acts of kindness at times like that become great memories that are never lost to time.

As a wrestler, Chris Jericho’s favorite memory is becoming the first ever Undisputed World Champion, followed by his show-stealing match with HBK at WrestleMania 19. Despite a hectic schedule, he still manages to keep abreast of current storylines. He lists Samoa Joe and LAX as two of his top five performers in the business. And he was absolutely stunned when he heard the news that Kurt Angle was heading to TNA.

“I think it’s amazing,” Jericho told me. “It’s great for the business, for TNA and for Kurt. He needs to be the destroyer guy and not the cowboy hat guy, though.”

Between acting, writing, touring, hosting television and radio shows, recording a new record in the studio with Fozzy, or working on a litany of other projects in the entertainment industry, Chris Jericho’s work schedule is as full as ever. But he’s enthusiastic because he’s following his heart. He has broken down the walls of safety and constraint and has grown tenfold as a person because of it.

Does that mean the countless Jerichoholics who cheered him for all those years while he performed in the ring will never see him wrestle again?

“The hundreds and hundreds of Jerichoholics have dwindled down to about 47 over the last year,” he said. “But there are 22 of them in Peoria alone, so I’m huge there. I might have to return just for them!”

If he does come back, will it be in a ring with four sides…or six?

“Never Say Never Mr. Bond”, he replies, shaken not stirred.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Cardinals are Unbearable and so are the Bears

Trying something other than poker, I decided to use the Sportsbook at Mansion Poker to bet on the Bears vs Cards game Monday night. I had been doing pretty well picking winners when not betting over at HBO's Beat the Host for fun game with a 60-26 record picking before Monday's unbelievable game. I figure the bears to have a hammerlock on this game as they are the number one defense in the NFL and up in the top 5 in offenses as well versus the lowly Cardinals who's defense is pretty awful and there offense still in the works with new QB Matt Linert. So my $12 goes into the bet with the spread where the Bears have to win by 11 points in order for me to win.

After the 1st missed long-ball opportunity by the Bears and then a 3-and-out, I sort of knew that when I started to put real money on the line, I was going to be screwed... and I was right. Bears haven't given up a single touchdown all year in the 1st quarter... Holy shit!! They gave up 2... to the Arizona Cards?!

Halftime score: 20-0 Cards and now I know my money is long gone. But WTF, to add insult to injury, the Bears come back from the 20 point deficit and win 24-23 after a 41 yard field goal miss by Cards kicker Neil Rackers!! Rex Grossman: 4 interceptions and 2 lost fumbles; Bears had no offensive touchdowns, and still pull it out. The only thing believable from this game is that the Cardinals still choke and suck but because you have the choke part in it, their loss isn't big enough to cover the Bear's spread so I wanna say thanks alot Cards. If you would have listened to commentator Tony Kornheiser and quit after getting the first "1st down" before the Bears, you guys wouldn't be so disappointed in blowing a 20-point lead and everybody that bet on the Bears would be happy with your failure.

Well, I thought this game was a gimme but cluckity-fuck, I must be a feakin' jinx to myself. Finally put something on the line and the Bears shoot me in the foot... Oh well, what can you do. That's football...

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Another Follow-up on Poker333, The Worst Poker Site Ever When it Comes to Decision Making!!

I thought I would share with you the email I received after I let them have it for not giving me my money when they decided to suspend all US player's accounts back on October 3rd without prior warnings:

Hi there Joey,

Thank you for the email.

Account: pppr00884982

Unfortunately, the decision to have United States banned from online
gambling was not made by the Casino. This matter came to light fairly
sudden and without warning to us. It was not our intention to have your
account locked, but as per the procedure of your State laws, we were
forced to close the accounts at the time we did. Please believe that as
much as this matter is affecting each US citizen who enjoys online
gambling, it has a huge impact on our business as well.

We hope to offer you the opportunity play at our Casino groups again,
sometime in the near future.

Best wishes in all your future endeavors, Joey.

Should you require further assistance, feel free to contact Piggs Casino
support desk, which is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Kindest regards,

The Palace Group Support

This is what I had to say about their stinky farts coming out from their mouths or in this case, the computer email:

Hi there,

Some interesting notes for you to take in your unprofessionalism in not paying me and your excuses:

* Many sites including poker behemoth Party Poker and Pacific gave warnings and let their players play until the end of October 12th. If a top poker site like that can give their players a heads-up on things, there shouldn't be a reason for you to just lock my account and not let me play to clear my restrictions.

* Sites Paradise Poker and Hollywood Poker (Pokerroom skins) aren't taking new deposits BUT are letting their US players play for 30 more days before they shutdown to US players. That's an adequate amount of time instead of just locking accounts with no warnings.

* Sites like PokerStars, Absolute,, Bodog, UltimateBet, and True Poker are a few of the sites still sticking with US players.

These sites mentioned, even the ones shutting out US players eventually, have professionalism and honor that will make me to continue to play there or hopefully play there in the future. Your poor decision in shutting out players and not refunding them is at the bottom of my list and I will choose not to play at your site (or recommend anybody else) in the future.


I should also note their line I bolded in their email, "Please believe that as much as this matter is affecting each US citizen who enjoys online
gambling, it has a huge impact on our business as well."
I guess since it is affecting there business, they find it logical and think that it compensates them by them taking my money since they figure US accounts won't be playing there for a long, long time, if ever...

Friday, October 13, 2006

Black Friday is Upon Us...

The Title itself says it all for the online poker community. For once, I can say that I am not proud to be an American and that this country sucks!

If you are an onlinen poker player, you need to get your voice heard. Call your Congressman/woman, join the Poker Player's Alliance, and sign this petition to fight for your poker rights!!

To Senator Jon Kyl, Rep. Jim Leach, Rep. Bob Goodlatte, and last but not least, Republican Senator Bill Frist, I say this because I have the "freedom of speech": I hope you motherf*cking, c*ck-sucking, sons-of-b*tches rots in hell! May (the poker) gods have no mercy on your souls and may the 20+ million online poker players in the US conquer this underhanded and uunfathomable act by you leeching low-lifes!!

Chris Jericho Possibly the Next Big Star to Jump to TNA?!

TNA's "WrestleMania" of wrestling Bound for Glory (BFG) is upon us on and just as the big Kurt Angle signing as stunned the wrestling world, there is a possibility that TNA has got its hands on the 1st (and only Undisputed Champion) Chris Jericho!! Jericho has been MIA for a long time fulfilling his music dream with the band FOZZY and maybe he is thinking about getting back into the squared-circle... I mean the 6-sided ring. Although Jericho won't be wrestling... yet, Jericho will be performing with his band at BFG and could there very well be another huge announcement from TNA that will shock the wrestling world again...??

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Reminder: Kurt Angle Debut on TNA Tonight!!

TNA has teased the debut of Kurt Angle for the past couple of weeks but tonight, "Oh it's true, it's damn true!! or should I say "It's real, it's damn real" as his new catch phrase.

The word around is that Kurt will not be in the ring but instead, will be giving a taped "closed-door" interview that from what I hear, is a must see. Rumormill says that Kurt will be talking about why he joined TNA, but more interestingly, he will speak about the WWE as well in regards to why he left, and will also jaw-jack about Vince McMahon!!

Who gives a rat's ass about work wrestling fans (even if you've never seen TNA before in which I would say, "what's up with dat)! Show up for work/school late or don't show up at all! Set your tubes to Spike TV tonight at 11pm to catch this monumental moment in TNA and wrestling history itself!!

Stiz-ars Holds Firm!!

After some speculation that PokerStars would be dumping US players soon after Party will abandon ship (probably tomorrow sometime on Friday the 13th), PokerStars turns their boat around back to the United State. Here is the excerpt of some shining light, or shoul I say, shinning star from PokerStars:

Dear PokerStars Player -

As you are probably aware, the United States Congress recently enacted the Safe Port Act which contains provisions relating to Internet gambling.

PokerStars has received extensive expert advice from within and outside the U.S. which concluded that these provisions do not alter the U.S. legal situation with respect to online poker. Furthermore it is important to emphasize that the Act does not in any way prohibit you from playing online poker.

Therefore, our business continues as before - open to players worldwide including the US. You may play on our site as you did prior to the Act.

PokerStars believes that poker is a game of skill enjoyed by millions of players and we remain committed to providing you a safe and fun environment in which to play. We value your loyalty to PokerStars, and look forward to continuing to serve you with the best online poker experience, as we have for the past five years, six billion hands, and 40 million tournaments.

PokerStars Management

Speaking of Stiz-ars, I mean Stars, all of my fav stars still on Dancing with the Stars are still in. "A.C. Slater" from Saved by the Bell, aka Mario Lopez still remains and is probably the most talented dancing celebrity on the show. The bald Joey Lawrence (basically a "waoh" like he did on Blossom when I saw his new lack of a hairdo) still remains and is no slouch on the dance floor either. And of course, there is the ever-loveable Jerry Springer who got the encore dance last night, however, was in the bottom two but managed to survive. The action is getting more intense as all the Stars received high remarks of no less that a 24 (out of 30). Next week, the couples will be performing two dances in stead of one more and the question on everybody's mind is, "How much more can Jerry Springer take?" :-D

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Response from Poker333 aka The Palace Group Gaming

Well, I sent an email to this worthless and deceitful poker site after they decided to halt US poker players play at their site and thus, suspended all US player's accounts on October 3rd (they unprofessionally sent an email on the same day and gave no warning beforehand that they would be suspending the US' accounts)...

Today, eight long days later, I finally get a reply from those fuck-nuts and here is what they "professionally" said:

Hi there Joey,

Account pppr00884982

Kindly note that unfortunately the balance of $138.00 will not be refunded to your NETeller due to the fact that you have not met the
Terms and Conditions of the no deposit bonus which you received on the
31 March 2005.

We trust that we have been of assistance.

Should you require any further assistance or have any suggestions,
please feel free to contact our friendly help desk. We are available 24
hours a day
7 days a week for your convenience.

Kindest regards,

Customer Service Representative

Note that I bolded some of the texts in the email. How the fuck could they use the words "Kindly" and the phrase, "We trust that we have been of assistance." Well, gluckity-fuck! I am happy as a clam that I won't be getting my $138. You will never see another cent from me and it's my given right to make sure that nobody else gets screwed by your sorry-ass company and poor business professionalism! Eat my shorts with ketchup!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Let's Start a Black Armband Weekend!!

We all know how strong and how successful Lance Armstrong "Livestrong" yellow armbands were when the athlete was biking the Tour De France.

Now during the poker debacle and turmoil in the US, our time of playing online poker could be running out thanks to one numb-nuts catalyst Senator Bill Frist. I have posted about signing an online petition to protest the ban of online poker and to join the Poker Player's Alliance and now, another idea has been generated by my poker buddy Bruce (Williams). Here is what Bruce suggests to all poker players:

A form of civil protest against the "anti-poker bill", especialy since res. George W. Bush will be signing it into law on Friday, Oct. 13.
My plan: Poker players and their supporters wear black armbands for the (hopefully temporary) death of some of their freedom of choice. Wear it if you're playing in a brick&mortar. Wear it if you're playing online. Wear it if you're going to the store or a concert or a ballgame or a jog in the park. When someone asks what's that about, say how you're supporting poker and protesting government infringement and sneakiness on your freedom.

A few more details: Wear the armband 72 hours (good ol' 7-2, a poker icon), from 10:02 am ET Friday Oct. 13 to 10:02 am ET Monday Oct. 16 (10:02 in honor of Doyle Brunson; the ET because that's the time zone where Congress came up with the law; don't know if Bush is signing it in D.C. or on the campaign trail). Friday-Monday because many poker players play into the wee hours and to/past breakfast with a good game going.

If we wanted to do something more organized, we could do it (again) the weekend of Nov. 3-6 -- which is the weekend before the U.S. elections. But some kind of gesture after the bill's signed Friday would be timely and important; this issue and the evil political games can't get swept under the rug by apathy. I will be wearing a black armband for poker this weekend, online, at Harrah's and everywhere!
Thanks for listening. Feel free to spread this idea/post any way you think will help.

World Poker Tour, What are you Thinking?!

Posted by Earl Burton, The World Poker Tour has expressed its thoughts about the online gaming crisis in the US. It's quite different than the thoughts of their lead commentator Mike Sexton and certainly surprised the shit out of me since I thought us poker players were suppose to stand together:

In an oddly optimistic press release following the passage (and pending signing) of legislation regarding financing of online gaming and poker accounts, World Poker Tour Enterprises added their thoughts to the current situation recently. In the communiqué, WPTE encouraged poker players worldwide to focus on the bright future ahead for poker instead of the downsides of the current legislation.

With the passage by Congress of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 last week, "The Justice Department has been very clear that it believes online gaming to be illegal in the United States and our policies have been always been tailored accordingly," said Adam Pliska, General Counsel of WPTE. "This law clarifies the rules and makes it possible for everyone to move forward on an even footing."

Steve Lipscomb also added his bright outlook when he commented, "It was a wide-spread love of this game and the reinvention of poker as a televised sport that ignited the poker phenomenon and that is what will continue to drive the future of the sport. WPTE remains committed to growing the domestic poker market through traditional franchise opportunities like consumer products, sponsorship and events."

While WPTE will not be directly affected by the recent legislation (their online poker site has always refused American action as they are an American company), the bright outlook the company is espousing is strange at the minimum. Part of the drive that has brought many to the poker community has been the advent of online poker. People who may have played only a few times a year on vacation trips to gaming Meccas could play at any point with the online game. This added to their excitement for the game and also allowed them to become proficient enough to be able to battle against some of the greatest players in the world.

Another factor to consider on this front is the effect that the loss of online satellites will have on tournaments in the future. Both the World Poker Tour and the World Series of Poker have seen tournament fields explode due to the opportunity of players to earn their way into events through inexpensive online satellites. In 2005, of the 5619 players who came to the felt, PokerStars alone sent almost twenty percent of the field to the Championship Event of the World Series. Poker historian and "jack of all trades" Nolan Dalla emphasized this point when he discussed his thoughts on the ramifications of the online legislation and noted with sadness that future tournament participation will actually fall as these online satellites are eliminated.

While many might like the departure of online players from B&M tournaments, it is extremely possible that the tournament poker scene could revert back to the point where only the richest (and, in some cases, the best) poker players can afford to participate. The potential dream of an online qualifier vanquishing the best in the world (such as the startling Chris Moneymaker breakthrough at the 2003 WSOP) will vanish and the sharks will once again have to compete amongst each other. We could be potentially looking at tournament fields falling now instead of showing the steady increases of the past few years (and, in the case of the WSOP Main Event, massive increase) and slowly falling back to levels of the pre-Internet days, where only those who can afford it or can qualify in live satellites make the fields.

Even though there are an estimated 50 million poker players in the U. S. alone and casinos adding poker rooms left and right, most Americans aren't within a two hour drive of those rooms. This is one of the reasons that the online game is necessary. It gives Joe Sixpack the opportunity to participate in an American pastime, potentially earn his way to a major tournament and, if the stars align, make a significant change in their life. These are a few of the reasons that this writer feels the WPTE's rosy look at the online legislation is puzzling, to say the least.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Wrestling Wars are Heating Up Again!

It's not the great "Monday Night War" that was once a showdown between the WCW and WWE(F), but the WWE's competition is getting stiffer. This week mark's a big week in wrestling starting off with the mediocure PPV WWE No Mercy. Thing's will be interesting in that the Raw this week will be a "homecoming" episode and will be three hours long. The question is, "Will there be any big surprises or better yet, will there be any five-star matches? I'm thinking there will be some surprises but I am not counting on any superb matches and will be lucky if there are a few matches greater than 3.5 stars. One thing for sure is that Kurt Angle won't be at "homecoming."

Now on to the main event IMO. Although only sixty-minutes long, this week's TNA Impact is a must watch. After 2 weeks of teasing of a Kurt Angle appearance, Kurt Angle will debut on Impact and will be interviewed. Rumor has it that Angle will talk about the reason why he joined TNA and will talk about his former boss Vince McMahon, who amazingly said some noble things about Kurt on a recent WWE Byte this Q&A session. Plus, the storylines of Sting debuting some "color" paint on his face has me in a nostalgia for seeing the old colorful paint Sting with short blond hair once more. Is that the angle (no pun intended) they are shooting for...?!

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Final Table: BPT Event # 2

Well, last time during the BPT Event #1, the final hand I mercifully went out on was with pocket 6s where I floped a set and my opponent flopped top pair and ended up hitting running flush cards to knock me out in 23rd.

Disappointing as that was, it was time to rebound. Different from last year, these events are now only once every other week instead of weekly, so if you screw up once, its an up-hill climb to try to reach the top 20 to get a chance to play for the seat to the Aussie Millions.

As Shark lonnie and master Omaha player Doug "Conn-man" would say, onward. BPT's Event # 2 Royal's Bluff Til You Drop Tourny with a coincidence is at my first table immediately to my left.

I managed to keep my stack healthy throughout most of the tourny for the 1st two hours (well last time for the 1st Event, I should up like 45 minutes late so I better be doing better). Speaking of Royal Bluff, I made a nifty bluff in this hand. I get dealt an Ace-Jack of diamonds from the BB when I was raised 5x the big blind by "stuarthomegame" so I figured my opponent wasn't as strong as Popeye (well maybe since spinach is all that safe now, his hand was like that of a greasy fried chicken from Popeye's). I call his raise and the flop came Q-4-2 with 2 spades so I completely wiffed like A-Rod of the Yankees has been doing lately. I checked and he put out a very small bet so I popped it and got a fold. I had the chips to make the moves now so I was cruising as if I would make the final table as one of the chip leaders...

(Side note on the Royal Bluff theme going on: There was one hand were I got dealt K-5o in the BB with the button and the SB in play. Flop came 2-4-K. I bet and then got raised like 6x my bet. It was still early so I didn't want to go out with a situation like this so I fold the mofo. My buddy and skilled poker player "Beerman" Mike says that my King was good. My oppenent said he had a King with as well so the only hand I could have barely beat was K-3 if that was the case.)

However, right before the final table came (maybe 11 or 12 people left), I took a hit with one of my jinxed hands recently of AK and raised 3x only to get reraised to Quackpot's QQ where I was committed and Quack's QQ held up and took my chip count down from about T15,000 to about T8,000. I went into the final table in 9th place and things didn't look to good. I finally get a big hand of Kings in the SB with about T6,000 after an UTG limp in to booboy119543 (I think it was this screen name or the one next to him) and fold arounds from everyone else. He had a lot of chips at the time of over T30,000. Blinds were 750-1500 so I push my 6,000 and change in there and he calls with A-10o. Somehow, my hand holds up and am back into the game right...

Wrong, a couple hands later, after Porkrind333 had lost a big pot, and accussed (in last year's Grand Final) screen name purechaos of being a "maniac", "Porkrind333" became the maniac. I raised in an unopened pot in middle position with A10o to 4500 (same blinds as before). Porkrind pushes all in for about 2100 more so I have to call and he flips over 5-6 of diamonds and manages to pair instead of the CDU I should have gotten there.

Now I am in second to last in chips. The play had loosened up so I was folding for the next 8-12 hands and I don't have the chips to bluffy anybody. I finally get Queens and raise to 3x and Porkrind is in the BB again and pushes allin. I have to call and to my surprise, he only has a A-2o. I end up hitting the Queen on the flop and it holds up. I steal some pots and get my chips up to about T60,000, almost as much as the chip leader for the longest time at the final table "natsdad" (who once was literally hanging on by a g-string bikini!! Great job coming back!!). The final three included me, "natsdad", and "iyatoni". "Iyatoni" was pretty short and was pushing all-in or folding every hand. With Q-9 on the button, he pushes about 15,000 or so in and gets called my "natsdad" with A-7. A nine flops and that's all she wrote as "iyatoni" doubles and is now in the game.

The dagger in my heart came when I get an AKs on the button and raised 3x. "natsdad" in the SB makes an over-raise and pushed all-in. I say its my jinx hand but don't think I could fold as I put him on a weaker Ace actually, but instead he turns over "The Gretsky Hand" of 9-9. Glory be, I see a nice looking flop of 6-K-7 with no flush draw possibility. The turn is the 2nd worse card I could have seen )(behind the 9) of an 8 giving "natsdad" an open-end and holy hell to my luck, the 10 peels on the river completing the straight and knocking me out disappointingly in 3rd (site note: "natsdad" ends up winning so congrats to him and everybody else that made the final table).

Well on the bright side of things, I won $75 and accurred a great amount of points to be in the top 20... for now. Look forward to the next one and maybe, your's truely will be the host.

On another side note (I got to be more organized when I write these things but it's hard after poker-gods awful beat I just took. Hint, another side note, check out "Stone-cold" Beermans blog for in depth and probably number 1 recap of the BPT!), I am surprised that there aren't many more people in these tournys. It is a free chance at $500 every other week with only 72 participants, and then a shot of 1 and 20 to win a seat at the Aussie Millions if you do well. Please support for that they also have made to the public that they will continue to allow US players to play at their great site. Come one, come all. It's not too late to sign up!!

Friday, October 06, 2006

Warning: Stay Away from PiggsPeak aka Poker333

As the title says, don't play at this untrustworth site. Poker333 is a skin of Prima, which usually has great sites like Royal, bet365, etc. They gave no previous warnings of shutting out US player's accounts untit an email sent on October 3rd, in which they said that my account would be suspended as of October 3rd. What kind of horse shit timeline is less than 24 hours?! I have over a hundred bucks in my account there so this really sucks like a fat kid playing Dodgeball. Therefore, I also encourage non-US players to abandon Poker333 before something could happen to you to!!

Dear Joey

I regret to inform you that, in line with our terms and
conditions, we will be forced to close your casino account,
pppr00884982, with immediate effect.

This is due to uncertain legislation in your state with
regards to online gaming.

Please note that any funds in your account balance greater
than $20 will be refunded back to you via a payment
method of your choice.

On behalf of all at Piggs Casino, I thank you for your loyalty
up to now and we hope to be able to provide you with a premier
online gaming experience sometime in the future.


Samantha White
Casino Manager

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Reminder: TNA Impact Tonight at 11pm!!

Alright folks, time for a break from the poker posting. I know this ain't a wrestling blog, but dammit, I've been a wrestling fan for too damn long to ignore. Well maybe not a full ignorance from poker as I would love to see the most hated man in the poker world today and as Daniel Negreanu put it, the "Slimey" and snake-like Senator Bill Frist be put inside the six-sided ring against the likes of a wrestler like Samoa Joe and over course, the crowd of course will be chanting, "Joe's gonna kill you!" Whata fantasy that would be!!

Now to current wrestling: Most people that watch wrestling probably are WWE fans (formerly the WWF). Well, there is another (and better) alternative out there today that I think many aren't aware of and that many should be aware of if they are going to watch "wrestling" at its best. I've side-shifted the WWE and have a new favorite in TNA. As the WWE is tanking downhil (lose of Austin, Rock, and more recently, the stunning Trish Stratus, and TNA big acquisitions from the WWE Christian, and the biggest hit, Kurt Angle). TNA is also on the rise in that it finally received a prime time slot which will be affective in November.

Not convinced, here are some photos courtesy of of some of the recent action at the No Surrender event.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Bill Frist, You are a Disgrace to (the) US. All US Poker Players Make your Voices Heard!

Internet Gambling, Port Deals Reached

By Jonathan Weisman
Washington Post Staff Writer
Saturday, September 30, 2006; A08

House and Senate negotiators reached agreement last night on legislation to tighten maritime and port security regulations and, in a last-minute move, added an unrelated measure that seeks to ban Internet gambling.

At the same time, House negotiators prevailed in their fight to strip out $4.5 billion in rail and mass-transit security funds included in the Senate provision.

The port security and Internet gambling legislation was headed for passage in both the House and Senate last night, as lawmakers rushed to leave Washington for their fall reelection campaigns. Senate Republican and Democratic leaders announced it would be passed by voice vote after the House's late-night vote.

Lawmakers from both parties had been crafting the port security measure for more than a year, but its passage became politically critical after a Middle Eastern government-owned company's purchase of U.S. port operations triggered a political melee in Washington early this year.

The final agreement requires radiation scanning of all containers at the top 22 U.S. seaports, orders the Department of Homeland Security to develop response and recovery plans for a terrorist attack, and sets firm deadlines for the implementation of a transportation worker identification and screening system. It authorizes $2 billion in port security grants between 2001 and 2011.

The changes angered some Democrats, who helped craft the original port security legislation but were largely blocked from the final negotiations. The Senate had overwhelmingly approved the authorization of $3.5 billion for mass-transit security grants and $1 billion for freight and passenger rail programs, but House Republicans balked at the cost.

"If Republicans leave town [after] stripping out all the sections protecting major sectors of out transportation sector, God help us if there's an attack," said Sen. Richard J. Durbin (D-Ill.).

Senate Minority Leader Harry M. Reid (D-Nev.), whose home-state casinos are split over the Internet gambling measure, briefly weighed scuttling the bill over the provision before agreeing to go along, aides said.

House and Senate Republican leaders pushed hard to secure the Internet gambling measure, which some Republicans viewed as a chance to clear their names after they allowed disgraced lobbyist Jack Abramoff to scuttle a similar measure six years ago.

Proponents of the crackdown said the industry, which is mostly based overseas, provides a front for money laundering, some of it by drug sellers and terrorist groups, while preying on children and gambling addicts. Americans bet an estimated $6 billion per year online, accounting for half the worldwide market, according to analysis by the Congressional Research Service.

A coalition of on-line poker players and gambling Web sites tried to thwart the Internet gambling provision. Michael Bolcerek, president of the Poker Players Alliance, argued that it could put familiar Web sites such as Party Poker and Pacific Poker out of business while pushing gamblers to "rogue Web sites with no protection for children and no protection for problem gamblers."

If you are like me and don't believe this horse shit that's coming out, we need to get our voices out there dammit!! Sign a petition here if you are one of the multi-millions of Americans that play online poker.

For the jackasses from your state that voted to ban online poker just because the damn bill was attached to Port Security (total irrelevant to the poker topic), without debate a.k.a. no good reason, please do not re-elect them for their stupity. To find out who voted to ban online poker, click this link and while your at it, join the PPA to get your voice heard and to prevent the ban of online poker!!

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