Sunday, February 26, 2006

One month countdown till Reno daddio!!

Yowzah!! I can't believe that it's just one more month (28 days technically because of February short month) before I head to Reno to try to live a dream. However, it seems to me that my poker playin has been far from stellar. After gaining most of my money back after a cold streak recently, I lost most of it back to 1, 2, or 3 outers on the "DamRiver" (one of my screen names after so many atrocious rivers) and me flopping sets only to lose to higher sets. These were all at the Ringers (cash) tables, but my tourny play online has been fair.

I just recently won Barry Shulman's 52 Tips For Texas Hold'em Poker for placing at the final table at the recent CP event. Hopefully, it will enhance my game at the Ring Tables. I consider myself a decent player at the Ring tables but know I have a long-long ways to go. The same could be said tourny wise.

This up and coming tourny in Reno, I hope to live the dream as John Stolzmann did last season on the WPT. Here is a (blog winning) piece I wrote at ChipLeaders:

This murderer's row final table consistent of 2 time WPT Champion Daniel Negreanu, "The Prince of Poker" Scotty Nguyen, "The Grinder" Michael Mizrachi, and one of my personal favorites, Chau Giang.

However, unknown college student John Stolzmann was the shinning star of the event. Stolzmann had previously won an online satellite to get his entry into this prestigous event and unbelievable made it to the final table that consisted of 4 superstars of poker. He played tight and picked his spots. Was the short stack for a good portion of the tournament. A big hand between him and "Kid Poker" really saved Stolzmann where Daniel slow played his pocket Queens. On the flop, Stolzmann decided to put it all-in with an open-end-straight draw. Daniel called and John made his straight on the turn to clinch the hand and cripple Negreanu.

Stolzmann then went heads-up with Chau Giang, the chip leader throughout most of the tournament. The devestating hand of this tournament where Giang held and A-J and hit 2 pair on the river (Aces and Jacks), to Stolzmann's K-10 that rivered a (open-end) Broadway straight. Giang bet and then was re-raised all-in by the student. Chau thought so hard and almost folded his 2 pair before reluctantly calling. This put Chau on the morphine drip and sealed Stolzmann's date with destiny winning the Jack Binion World Poker Open. I consider this one of favorite shows, even though one of my favorites lost, because it was an inspiration to me and to students around the world (or anyone). The reason I say this is because I have won a satellite seat to the up and coming World Poker Challege in March. I get to fulfill my dream at a WPT event. Making the money would be nice; winning like John Stolzmann would be incredible.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Just When You Thought the Blazers Couldn't Suck Anymore than They Did Before...

First off let me touch on the All-Star Slam Dunk Contest. I really wanted to see Nate Robinson win the title cuz of his small stature of 5'9" However, I had a problem with the new system of you get a billion dunk attempts until you actually make one. WTF happened to the 1 minute time limit or 3 attempts in previous years!! Igoudala defitely got screwed.

If you Blazer fans thought losing to the abysmal Charlotte Bobcats at home wasn't bad enough, check out the downgrade John Nash and Paul Allen have created now by shipping out "Captain Chaos" Ruben Patterson for... Voshon Lenard and Brian Skinner. That's right. One energized guy Ruben for 2 old nobodies. I couldn't care less about the Blazers yet I still write up my spiel about how shitty management/coaching is. Gonna miss Ruben as he was controversial but very entertaining. Should be a good dynamic trio (maybe foursome) of Carmello Anthony, Kenyon Martin, Ruben, and my main little man Earl Boykins!! I would just like to give props to John Nash again for making another bonehead trade that has weakened the Blazers even more. You said you wanted to make these trades to improve attendance. Well, from where I stand, ever since you made these trades attendance keeps going lower and lower like Britany Spears and is at an all time low since moving the Blazers to the Rose Garden. Thanks again for ruining the Blazers. You've definitely lost my support at least for the rest of this season...

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Random thoughts

(F)art History

On Thursday, I got done with my midterms. The old Art History class that I've feared for so long. Suprisingly, I thought I did well... on the picture identification section of the test. It looked like I was gonna Ace the sum-bitch... but then, there was the dreaded vocabulary section with no multiple choice!! Shit-shit-fuck!!! Come on now (Prof.) Colbert, you are a nice guy and all but don't you try to screw us with this section. Most of the students in the class (and yours truely) are just taking the class for a BA requirement; not to become art junkie geeks like yourself. There were 20 vocabs identifications and I probably got 5 (at best; hopefully more) of them right. There goes 30 points of my grade. Dammit, I'll be lucky if I get a C :-/

Every Fish has his Day

Some bad luck at the poker tables. Following some strong secessions (over $300) at the table (6-9 seated), I tried playing short handed (3 handed) at the $3-6 table. One poker tramp (maniac) and the other, not so psycho. My top pairs ended up losing to very weak 2 pairs or four str8s/flushes on the board. One hand in particular that really pissed me off was that I got dealt 2-2 in the BB. Now, here is the story of me playin 2-2 ("ducks"). I never hit this hand if I'm in and if I fold, I'll hit it (hit quad 2s twice after a PF fold) so I figure I could make a ton against the maniac if I hit. Fold is A-K-2 all diamonds. I check and he bets and then I raise. Turn is a black 6; I bet and the donkey calls. River is a diamond putting for diamonds on the board making me check and he bets. I figure I am beat but this guy (from observation of him before sitting down) could have anything (A-5; 2-7; anything). I make the crying call on the river and he flips the 7-8 off suit with the 8 of diamonds. WTF!! Chases to the river with the draw with the 8 of diamonds?! Pocket 2s does it to me again (ranks with AQ and KQ for my hand killers). Please, do that again donkey. I'll be looking for your jackass in future. The player then leaves after the hand and I decide to take a break. I think about breaking my mouse but hold back (j/k). The only thing broken (but only merely) was the ol' bankroll. Combined with the other table I was playing at, I lost a nasty "hundsky" of my $300 back.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Lonely Heart, Heart Ache, Hart Attack!

Lonely Heart, Heart Ache

I probably should be studying for my diabolical Art History exam, but I thought I'd take some time to write about Valentine's Day. What a day it is, especially this one. Homework in the mourning followed by the dreaded Art History class in the afternoon that includes a ginormous exam of memorization of vocab and nude male and female pictures. There goes my lunch. What the hell was I thinking taking this class?! Show me some love cuz after I bomb this test, I think I am gonna need it... :-/

After that, had to skip the only class I enjoy, weight training, to study for the mofo exam. Three hours later, the ever boring Finance class I got. At least Dr. Crow had the heart to let us out 30 mins early tonight, but where do I go from there? I need somebody to put up with all 5'2" and 105 pounds of me.. Is there anybody out there in the YES (band that sings "Owner of Lonely Hearts")?

Hart Attack

Are you f'in kiddin me? The good word out is that The Excellence of Execution Bret The Hitman Hart will be inducted in to the (WWE) Hall of Fame!! Won't go into deep into that now, but I sure hope there is no Michaels and/or McMahon screw job again. Bret doesn't need another stroke but would love to see Hart knock out Michael's teeth or break his nose!!

Monday, February 13, 2006

Against All Odds...!!

First off, I was scrollin the Total Nonstop Action (TNA) website and checked out the audio/themes archieved. I've heard AJ Styles theme song a numerous of times on the tubebox but never knew that his song had lyrics to it. Must be that the crowd is always enthusiased and there is never a dull moment... unless Jeff Jarrett is talking or wrasslin with some jobber. Also, I am not much of a rap fan, but dig the 3LK theme song. Dammit, they gotta reform that group. "You are my sunshine you make me happy... This mother is a bad..!"

And now, for the main event. From Toronto, Ontario Canada (now Florida), weighing in a 230 pounds... Double C to da Double C!! Congrats and mad props to "Captain Charisma" Christian Cage for winning the most prestigous wrasslin Championship in the buz today at Against All Odds (AAO): The NWA World Heavyweight Championship!! How appropriate for the name of the PPV to be Against All Odds? The WWE and Vince McMahon left this guy for dead and treated him like horse shit. Underrated and underused, Christian still found a way to succeed and gain an audience.

"Christian's Coalition," "Peeps" around the world. 12 years in the biz and now a chance in TNA to shine like the shooting star he is. AAO: Banner of a spade w/Cpt. Chariz in the middle; how could the guy lose? Jeff Jarrett's politics backstage? Uh ugh; hell no!! Reading the results, the crowd (Peeps) mugged him and celebrated with their superhero Cpt Chariz. Even took the time to take pictures and got a standing ovation when he went to dinner after the show. Well deserved and am proud to be a fellow Peep.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Banners up!!

Played 2 tournys on Saturday. Cashed $50 placing 8th in the CP monthly event and the other one was just too hard to swallow. One super bad beat with 8 people to go and top 5 play. I am second to last after taking a beating the hand before. I get dealt pocket 10s and the short stack moves all in. The chip leader right after, calls, and it's not much for me and the odds were there so I called. I am up againt A-K and A-Q. Flop is 10-2-6 rainbow giving me top set and no draws to my opponents... yet. Tremendous. Turn is a Jack giving my opponents gut shot st8 draws and the river is a miserable King giving the A-Q (the worst hand PF) the dubya and me a first class trip to the e-rail. GG, nice catch, gl every1, and goodbye, I exit and avoid breaking my mouse.

As you can see, I finally got some banners up. Well, wasn't me that did it but a fellow Shark loon-chip-tossing-LAG (loose-aggressive) John aka "Netsurfer" dude. Many thanks again the "porn net-surfer" (just kidding about the porn part)John. Also, I recently got an email from Titan Poker to advertise their site. They mention possible special sign up bonuses and tournys so hang on for that as I await a response. If you need a new site to play poker, please use one of these banners here. I'll do my best to compensate you in some way too.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Steel Curtain Triumph!!

Oh happy day as Paul Allen (and the Seahawks) came up short in SuperBowl XL. The game wasn't one of the best as some of the previous ones obviously with bad play early by the Steelers. Seriously, the way this game went down early, I thought Pitt had no chance. No first downs, no momentum and Seattle leading in every category in the stat box after halftime despite leading the Hawks 7-3, I still thought Pitt would lose. Terrible referring (how did this crew get the priviledge to call this game?!) and some dropped balls by Jeremy Stevens, sealed Paul Allen's team's fate. Thank goodness. I almost had an ulcer after Big Ben fuckin threw that interception at the goal line, but all turned out well.

Congrats Pitt fans and a big salute to "The Bus" Jerome Bettis who finally won the big one and can go out on top. Going back to your hometown and playing the most important game of your career and succeeding... That's the way it should have been and the Cinderalla story ended in typically fairy tale fashion.

I leave you with these 2 words: "Palumula bitch!"

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

The Ying Yang effect

Just when I thought my luck was gonna change... I recently cashed playing the last 3 tournys all worth $120 or more with the most being $300 in one event.

Then I step back to the ring games which I have been getting annihilated by fishy poker tramps but I'll spare you my bad beat bitching.

One hand that was not a bad beat defenitely felt more devasting that a bad beat. As Hellmuth said this year in the WSOP, it was an ugly way to lose. Check this unholy hand out. Even had the Hellmuth hand: 2 black nines. Flopped a set of nines but my oppenent flopped a set of Kings and it was disastrous. I learned capping was not the best strategy in the past and well, thank goodness I learned my lesson or I could have lost a lot more. About $60 only time capped was on flop. River saved me as it pair 2 aces on the board (I feared he had an AK as I have once before lost to AK with KK when the board flopped rag-A-K only to have anothe ace hit the turn).
Maybes its time I take a break from the ring games for a while or go back to Pai Gow... ;-)

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