Friday, November 25, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving or so I hope you all did; FT Invitational

Hope you all had a stellar Thanksgiving. Nothing special for me this year. As usual, we had turkey with the relatives. Turkey, mashed potatoes, corn, pumpkin pie. Man, I gotta do some sit-up/crunches now.

Happen to catch some of the Monte Carlo Full Tilt Invatational that featured probably the most potent table I'd ever seen. Ivey, Juanda, "Jesus" Ferguson, "The Mouth," Gus Hansen, "Devilfish" Ulliot, and last but not least, my man Phil Hellmuth. Didn't see the whole thing though as I missed some of it driving back from the relatives house. Caught Hellmuth's exit and how he berated Ferguson's bad call with A-5. LMAO!! Come on Phil, I can justify his call with you being short stack trying to steal on the button.

Talk about on fire, Phil Ivey won the Monte Carlo Millions the day before this Invitational and comes out on top of this event. Short-staked throughout the tourny but holding on and catching monster hands as the blinds went up, propelled him to knockout fellow Asian John Juanda. Damn, I've seen Juanda on TV so many times but have never seen him win one. Still, Juanda is probably one of the deadliest players out there. It's only a matter of time before I see him win a big one.

Monday, November 21, 2005

Smackdown and Impact Thoughts

A very solid week in the wrestling entertainment world. A very emotional episode of Smackdown that was tributed to the late Eddie Guerrero was 5-star material. When was the last time I said that about Smackdown?! Batista, JBL, Chavo had very deep comments about Eddie. Never thought I'd see a 6"6 318 pound Animal cry. Good segments and reminicents of Eddie's wrasslin career. The guy was very hilarious and a great in-ring performer. A winning combination indeed.

TNA Impact was pretty tight too. Why don't these guys get more ratiings than they do?! Opening of Genesis pics was sick!! Slams on barb wires (to go along with another super barb wire match at Turning Point between "The Monster" Abyss and Sabu) and Samoe Joe destroying "The Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels (very hardcore; get will Chris).

1st match has "The Samoa Submission Machine" Samoa Joe vs. "Mr. 630" Gerelle Clark. No 630 splash this match as Joe dominated in his usually manner. 6'0 and a whooping 280 pounds, you wouldn't believe the way this guy can move. Sick modification of a DVD (Death Valley Driver) knocks out Clark and then the submission. This move makes John Cena's FU look like a weak fireman's carry. Work on it Cena.

Christian segment!! Did I mention how happy I am to see this guy here!! Awesome mic work. Wasn't too keen on him being a face (good guy) as he has been such a damn good heel (bad guy) but it'll work. Worked the crowd; got HUGE chants. Now, out comes "The Alpha Male" Monty Brown. He does his spiel and before he could get his punch line out, Cpt. Charisma cuts him off and makes fun of him on how his "Pounces" guys. LMAO!! Crowd starts a Monty's gay chant!! Too cool. They start to brawl and then Monty gets the best of it by giving Christian a sick Pounce making Cpt. Charisma fly head first into the bottom/middle rope.

TNA is improving weeek after week. 1st class wrestling and improved storylines. It'll be interested to see what the WWE does to try to top the Eddie G. tributes because I don't think they can.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Takin down another tourny and other thoughts

Finally. Christian.. Christain!! At last, you're in TNA!! This guy can work the microphone and the crowd. So glad that he made the move from the WWE. No more being held back like Billy Madison in elementary school. Oh no no no junior!! NWA World Heavyweight Title in the future. That's how Christian rolls!!

After last weeks satellite win, I don't know how I could have top that. Well, the answer, nothing (unless another WPT or WSOP seat). So I just played a $2,000 tournament today. 907 combined entrants filled with homerun swinging (peeps all in every hand) donks and some familar forum players. Was doing fine early gathering chippies from catching the fly balls from the donks. Make pay and go very far. Remained in the top to middle area throughout most of tourny. Took some hits and ended up being 25th out 25 near the end. There was one hand were I got dealt J-J UTG and raised 3x the blind. Unbelievably, I got called by 3 other people. Don't people respect a raise from 1st position?! Obviously not. Now, BB is ready to act (chip leader at the table) and he moves all-in. Holy shit!! I take most of the time and I reluctantly fold it. It's called by everyone else with hands 9-10s, KQ, and K-10. How the hell did these clowns make it this far?! BB shows A-A. Wow what a good laydown by me. Whoops... Jack on river would have given me the dubya. Son of a bitch! Hellmuth might have been proud of my laydown. Things don't look good.

In position, my A-9 doubles up over an A-3 and jump a few spots. Put some moves on and I somehow make the final table. I start the final table in the middles. A few hands in, I take a hit holding J-J running into Cowboys. Damn Jacks were a jackass today. Went from 60K or so to about 20K. Immediately next hand, I get an Ace and push. Called by 2 people and I split with one guy. I get an AKs a few hands later and raise and is RR all-in by some1 holdin AKo. I miraculously flushed out on him and now I have a good chance at winning!!

Now, HU. 10 hands or so in a limp with Q-5s. I am slightly behind. I flop a flush; check-check it goes. Turn is a blank and I bet and he raises. I think and RR half my chips and he RR all-in. I call. He flips over a str8 and I cripple him. 2 hands later, my 4-4 holds up against his all in Q-8 and I am $300 richer!! Now, how does this mojo work for live tournaments? Will need to work on that for Reno!!

Thursday, November 17, 2005

RAW is Guerrero!

It was a very emotional Raw this past Monday as it was a tribute to the late and great Eddie Guerrero. Not only was it emotional, but the matches were pretty damn good.

The beggining of the show was very memorable and emotional for me. Shedded some tears seeing all the melancholy faces, especialy after seeing Benoit's emotion. The guy is normally rabid and a beast but to see him like that knowing his out of the ring relationship with Eddie, made me feel gloomy. During Benoit's reminescience of Eddie, the tears came coming out of me again. Others that stood out were my Olympic hero, Kurt Angle, Big Show, and of course Eddie's nephew Chavo.

Match of the night most definitely was Shelton Benjamin vs. Kurt Angle. Both have great chemistry and are phenomenal athletes. Shelton with cat-like reflexes and Angle letting it all on the line after neck surgery and many other injuries (also left his wife to continue his dream of wrestling) give it all and dedicating the match to Eddie G. I still don't get how could the audience chant "You suck" to Kurt Angle. The guy is far from sucking. A phenomenal athlete that wears patriotic colors, is a technician in the ring, and being a good friend of Eddie (and wearing an armband EG), they should have cheered the guy. Was happy to see him raise the armband up high in the end to get some pop.

If you are a wrestling fan that missed Raw, shame on you. :-) Catch Smackdown tomorrow night as that is also a show dedicated to Eddie. Chavo and Benoit will be there in action so don't miss it!!

Monday, November 14, 2005

Rolla Coasta Past Few Days: Thoughts about Eddie Guerrero; Poker Tourny: I'm going to Reno!!

First off; Sheed is da man!! Pistons/Blazers game was closer than it should have been. Sheed rained some shots from downtown to stop every Blazer comeback. Winner and still World Heavyweight Champion, Roscoe (Sheed's name on his belt).

Yesterday (Sunday) was a very unforgettable day for me. Started off reading some wrasslin news. Unfortunately, I came upon some bad news and learned about "Latino Heat" Eddie Guerrero's death. Eddie was probably one of the best in ring performers of my time. A high flyer with great technical wrestling along with his humor antics and cheating made him one of my favorites. To hear that he died all of the sudden at a way too young of an age of 38 just made my jaw drop reading the news. Rest in peace Eddie. (Guys: watch RAW and SMACKDOWN this week to see the tribute shows dedicated to him. Should be good)

Played in the PokBlue satellite yesterday after last week's 2 1/2 hour play of finishing 19th and winning goose egg (nothing). Will low and behold, your's truely makes the final table and somehow wins the enchalada!! That's right!! Because of my huge dubya, I have won a trip to the upcoming WPT World Poker Challenge in Reno this March! Things looked really bad at start but by crunch time, I was near the top. Got lucky at times and made Phil Hellmuth (monster) laydowns. One time, when in first placewith about 15 or so left, I get dealt 7-7 in early position and raise it up. Only BB calls and flop is 6-9-10. He checks I bet about 40% of pot and he re-raises. I fold. Ok nothing spectacular about that hand. Still have chips and continue fighting.

At the final table, I start out in 2nd and get an AKo in mid position. Short stack UTG raised half his chippies and is folded around to me. I figure the dude was making a move and push my chippies into the pot. He shows K-9 and I have him dominated like a Traci Lords movie. Whoops; other way around as he flushes me on the river. Now went from 2nd to 6th with 8 to go. Not looking good.

Ok enough delaying. Here's my monster laydown or so I think it was. You be the judge. Two hands or so after that debacle flush, I get dealt a 9-9. Ah yes; the Phil Hellmuth hand (won with it in the 1989 WSOP and beat Chris Ferguson on final hand of the 1st match of the HU Championship). Short stack now raises and I re-raise enough to put him all in and hopefully knock-out the competition with the 2 RR and not risk too many of my chippies. Have about 28K left Guy next to me has 20K left and RR all-in and I take my time and fold the bad boy. If I called and lost I would have about 8,000 left and be in dead last with blinds about 500-1000 Never knew what the guy had put I was still in the tourny and I basically pulled a miracle out of my rear.

Down to 3 seated and I have a pretty solid player to my right and a maniac to my left. Maniac probably raised 65% of the hands. Pushed back all-in a few times and got the monkey to swing out of the hand. So dangerous. Later on, I get a 6-6 in the SB and 3.5 the blind. Maniac RR all-in and I take my time and thought why so much so I put him on an A-rag or 2 overs. I call it and he shows KQ and he misses board so now I have chip lead HU by 30K. I tell you what, if I had to face the maniac HU, I don't know if the outcome would of been the same.

My HU game has been very week lately. 2 runner ups in a row and now the big one on the line, I though how was I gonna choke next. No choking this time. Just eating the fish (he was a nice guy and not a fish; just a good word for the sentence). Play was fast and he eventually ran of chippies and now, I gotta work on the pokah face for Reno now.

*** (Guys if you want to try to win a satellite seat to a WSOP or WPT for FREE like I just did, email me. Create a new account at PokBlue by clicking this link here. Starting now, I will send ya $10 free if you register a new link through this link. If I get enough peeps to sign up, I will try to offer rakeback as well). ***

After tourny, it was time to study for my exam in 14 hours. I know I passed the test but by how much? ;-)

Thursday, November 10, 2005


Rough week of school and it it doesn't look like it is gonna get better until X-Mas Break. As the song says in New Found Glory's Catalyst CD, "It's all downhill from here." :-/

Does this get any worse school wise?! Big paper due this week and a presentation and test next week; followed up by another project the following week, followed by finals! Holy shit it does! Shit! Damn! Fuck!!

Glad it is Friday. The now atrocious Blazers will be hosting the Pistons! That's right. My main man and the baddest mo'fo in the NBA makes his only visit back to the P-town this season. Pistons are playin magnifico b-ball. Off to a lightning start at an undefeated 5-0. Truely, the champ Roscoe (Sheed's name on his WWE World Heavyweight Championship) is back!! Will be there wearing my ol' school Blazer Sheed jersey and will be cheering for Detroit. Throw a fit, Get a technical foul (just one; I wanna see you dominate; not get ejected now), and raise some hell!! Gotta put up some big numbers for me Sheed!!

Friday, November 04, 2005

Thursday IMPACT!

I use to love Thursdays as it was the night for Prime Time TV baybee. With the absence of Friends and Smackdown now, the only survivor that is left with Thursdays is Survivor.

Of course, yesterday (Thursday), there was a TNA IMPACT special at 9PM. Go figure as this is my long day at school. A dreadful 10AM to about 8:30 (suppose to be over at 9PM but he lets us out early). Well, that gives me a good 25 minutes or less to get home (gotta get out of class and then to car).

I get to my last class early that night for some reason. Must have been TNA daddio! Class supposedly starts at 5:40. I get there at 5:30. My Iraniun (either Middle East or European) teacher had developed a constant pattern of showing up later and later after every class sort of like the Phil Hellmuth every year at the WSOP Main Event. First week, on time by then minutes. Second week, late 5 mins. Third week, late 10 minutes. On the 5th week, he got it up to a whooping 20 minutes late!! Damn, should of bet someone that he would have shown up later cuz then, I'd have some extra pokah money!! Ok, Week 6 now, can he possibly beat 20 minutes...? Daraee (his name) shatters the record being an incredible 40 minutes late!! He gives his usual spiel about being on Highway 26. Goddamit, if Highway 26 is always that bad, find another fuckin route!! Anybody know the odds of him arriving any later? Might be willing to bet if the odds are right (hehe)

So because of Highway 26 aka Daraee, class gets out a little after 8:45. Oh shit, Shit, SHIT!! Basically 10 minutes to make it home when it takes at least a little over 20 minutes to do. Please don't make me miss the X-Division matches.

I get home about 9:20 and tune into TNA. I see Monte Brown "Pounce" the hell out of this jobber. Damn, that move has gotta hurt. Coming up, 3 on 3 X-Division (Light-Heavyweights) match that includes "The Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels, Samoa Joe (he ain't no fuckin Lightweight at 6"0 and 280 pds but damn, can he move!!), Austin Ares, and "The Phenomenal" AJ Styles. Very solid match with lots of high flying action and suicide dives through the ropes!! I can't write all this good shit down. You guys have to see these matches to believe it!!

Ultimate X match later on was tite. Matt Bentley, of course with the very hot Tracy by his side, vs. Chris Sabin vs. probably my fav. TNA wrassler Petey "Oh Canada" Williams. Very innovative match that included a swingingly neckbreaker of the top rope and an Inverted Automic drop (butt breaker and/or ball buster). Holy shit! Holy Shit!! HOLY SHIT!!! as the fans would scream out!! Again, you gotta see this to believe it. Now, if only they broadcast a Monsters Ball Match (Heavyweight Hardcore match) on National TV...

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Donktropolis at the WSOP

A quote or something similar from Phil Hellmuth to build on: "Learn to fold a hand... This can't be the World Series of Poker."

Times have changed. From fields from the mid hundereds to approximately 6,000 poker junkies, can there really be a boom of great pokah playahs? I think The Mouth said it in a previous episode where he says hes says that he's a rock here and he learned that people don't fold hands anymore.

On to the donk of the day for today's episode. No offense to chickie poker players (lot of the pros I see on TV are great and the ones I play online with usually school my as, but Tiffany Williamson has to be the luckiest donkey there. HTF did she make it this far? Seriously!! I know they don't broadcast every hand, but even Norman Chad of all people mentioned that she had been making moves and playing hands that pros would typically fold. Holding KJ and re-raising is fine but then getting re-raised all in and take a fucking eternity?! Come on!! This isn't a salon or washing your hair now. It's an easy laydown when you get raised 2 million in the situation. Even says, before folding, that this had been a lucky hand for her (Jesus, I wonder how many suckouts this donk had). Gotta at least put your opponent on AK or pkt pair (opponent The Shiek had A-A) and then has the audacity to ask if she could see his cards after getting clocked. No fucking way biatch!!

2nd donkey mistake by Tiffany Williamson (glad she ain't related to my man Robert "Jazzman" Williamson III). Ok, there is a raise UTG and Tiffany is next to act with AJ off and RR. Not the smartest play in the world but respectable. Then, defending champ Greg Raymer is next to act with 2 cowboys (Kings) and pushes 1.3 million all in baybee. Folded around to donkey Tiffany (any1 know the term for "female donkey" please respond). Shiek immediately calls for the clock (hilarious) and deservingly so. She thinks stupiditly for a while and calls and gets what she deserves. How the hell can you call a re-raised pot twice with AJ off?!

3rd donkey mistake. Shiek already pissed at Williamson's turtle movements gets into another battle with this fishy player. Shiek gets Q-Q and raises and is folded around to our "lagg" who is dealt with an unspectaclar A7 off. She thinks and pushes everything in. Wow, tilt factor. God awful play and is immediately called. Spikes ace... shyt!!

Enough of this. I have gotten a headache after watching her abysmal play. Had to write it out.

Rough past 2 weeks, dad had a lil heart attack and now grandma had some strokes and a heart attack. Say a lil prayer for both.

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