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WrestleMania 29 Pics

More unique prop bets that I love to speculate on is (WWE) professional wrestling. Yes, it is choreographed and if you know people that work WWE that are kind enough to give you inside info, you can win some nice lunch money. But since I don't, I will have to put on my thinking cap and put it a good days work at least with this write up.

5Dimes is one of the rare websites that have courteously put up wagering lines for WrestleMania 29 so enjoy or click the "x" at the top right corner...

Tons of Funk & Funkadactyls (-1350) vs. Team Rhodes Scholars & Bellas (+650)

This line was Team Funk (-350) a few days ago but the juice is now outrageous. I agree with the move. I don't give a damn too much about Team Funk's gimmick. I do love Damien Sandow's of Team Rhode Scholar's mic work and his in-ring ability (Can't go wrong with the name "Elbow of Disdain") and hopefully after jobbing (means losing) in the bout, WWE will break up Team Rhode Scholars and push Sandow in single's action. Pick: Tons of Funk by pinfall

Wade Barrett (+305) (C) vs. The Miz (-425): Intercontinental Championship

You could have gotten The Miz under (-200) a couple days ago but now north of (-400). I don't really like Wade Barrett and ever since The Miz was turned Face, he has lost his star-quality with the company inside the ring (but was able to be main star in Marine 3). The Miz has also developed a "Nature Boy" Ric Flair Figure Four finisher but everytime I see it, he tends to botch it. That aside, I think WWE NEEDS to give The Miz NEEDS the title to make him relevant again inside the ring (or turn him heel down the line)... Pick: The Miz by submission

Chris Jericho (+1000) vs. Fandango (-2000)

Fandango will be making his in ring debut at the grand, majestic stage vs. one of my favorites Chris Jericho. Y2J will do everything he can to make Fandango look good, but that doesn't mean Fandango will win. Fandango money has made this juice unbackable, but I wasn't going to touch him anyway. For the last few weeks, Fandango has gotten the best of Jericho and given Y2J a few Guillotine Legdrops from the top rop. I can't see Jericho getting embarrassed 4 times in a row without retribution. HOWEVER, Jericho is slated to continue touring with his band Fozzy on April 11, so it is possible he jobs to the newbie. But like last year's WrestleMania, Jericho was able to beat Dolph Ziggler but then lose a "Loser Leaves Raw Match" the next night on Raw... I expect similar results here and at (+1000), it's definitely worth a shot! Pick: Chris Jericho by submission

Brock Lesnar (+800) vs. Triple H (-1700)

SummerSlam rematch but this time, Triple H's "wrestling career is on the line". General rule here is in a big rematch, you back the guy that lost the 1st time. And with incentive that's face HHH being I'm sure that HHH will want to continue to wrestle on occasion means I am all over "The Game" here. Pick: Triple H by sledgehammer shots

Kane and Daniel Bryan (-1700) vs. Zolph Ziggler and Big E Langston (+800): Tag Titles

Team Hell No opened a slight favorite but now almost laying -2000. Not laying that big of juice. For Big E Langston, this will be his debut match. If WWE wants to start pushing him, maybe they give him the Tag Titles. And let's remember, AJ screwed Daniel Bryan last year after kissing DB before his match with Sheamus. Does another Deja vu happen here... Pick: Dolph and Big E by cheating pinfall

Ryback (+450) vs. Mark Henry (-750)

Juice has been coming in on Mark Henry. Somebody must know something that I don't. Was going to be all over Ryback! Only reason I can think is if they want to continue this feud, best thing possible might be to let Henry win. But I'll play contrarian here. Pick: Ryback by pinfall

The Shield (-4500!!!) vs. Sheamus, Randy Orton, and Big Show (+1500)

It appears WWE is pushing The Shield to be greater than the nWo. I'm definitely not laying that juice. The way I see this playing out is either Big Show reverts back to a heel and screws his team or Randy Orton's long awaited heel turn happens in this match. Pick: The Shield by pinfall

The Undertaker (-7500!!!!!) vs. CM Punk (+2500)

A few days ago, you could have gotten Undertaker (-1500 or so...) But still, everybody knows The Undertaker at WrestleManias is a give. No disrespect to CM Punk, but if they allow you to bet the house, take 'Taker...

Alberto Del Rio (-1700) (C) vs. Jack Swagger (+800): World Heavyweight Championship

This Swagger and Zeb Colter gimmick has grown on me. But I think Del Rio gets vindication for Ricardo Rodriguez's "broken leg"... Pick: Del Rio by Submission

The Rock (+2000) (C) vs. John Cena (-6000): WWE Championship

Same rule applies from Lesnar/HHH match. Cena lost to Rock at last year's grandest event. The face of the WWE John Cena held title-less for over a year along with Rock probably going back to making movies, Cena is almost as strong a lock as The Undertaker here... Which sort of scares me. Not laying that huge of juice but pick: John Cena via pinfall

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