Sunday, July 13, 2014

My 2 Cents on Richard Marx's "Beautiful Goodbye"

I grew up listening to soft rock/pop music as a kid as that's what my mom would only have on the radio all the time during the 80's and 90's. Even though I'd drift away to different genres of music, I'd always return to listen to the great Richard Marx. From mega-classics like "Right Here Waiting", "Hazard", "Endless Summer Nights", "Should have known Better", and my personal favorite "Hold on to the Nights", I could never find a fault in the man's voice or lyrics...

Fast forward 25+ years later today (damn, I feel a little old), the 50-year-young man has returned with a new spunk to his lyrics in his new album "Beautiful Goodbye" yet maintaining the same sublime voice as he did back in the 80's. Long gone are the songs of long-term commitments that have transformed into promiscuous and seductive romances. Marx describes it best as "mostly a series of songs about seduction, sex, and the mystifying sensual dance between two people." (via Billboard interview).

Call me a "Repeat Offender" (Marx's 2nd Titled Album back 25 years ago in 1989), but I can't stop listening to "Beautiful Goodbye". And I'm not a chick... Does that make me weird (probably, but I'm from Portland). Luckily, I'm not the only guy as this guy takes the words right out of my mouth...

If Richard Marx wasn't the master of saying "I want to f*** you" compassionately without ever saying "I want to f*** you", then we should all declare him king after this album's lyrical art... (However, if you've seen him perform live, you know he is more than capable of dropping a few F-Bombs...)

If you previously used Marx's older songs for intimate situations, get ready to pile songs like "Whatever We Started", "Suddenly", "Inside", "Like the World is Ending", "To My Senses", "Eyes on Me", and "Just Go" to the playlist!! You really can't go wrong with lyrics like:  

We cant stop whatever we started 
Can't resist what's meant to be 
Forget whatever we promised 
I want you all over me 
Let's do it now, don't think 
Look in my eyes and don't blink...


I'll make love to you 
I know you want it too 
Whisper something sweet but no more questions please 
Drops of sweat, 
dripping wet 
The taste of you all over me 
You will see, It's what you need 
Shut your mouth just let it be 
Just let it... be


I would die and kill 
Battle, beg, and steal 
Baby, just to feel... 
Your eyes on me... 
Nothing I wouldn't do 
For one more taste of you 
Yeah, I'm addicted to... 
Your eyes on me...

I also tweeted: to Richard that some of the songs, especially the background music are or could be used in porn in which the man himself favored. Not from uh... experience, but listen to the electric guitar in "To My Senses" and tell me what that sounds like... :-)

This may be a first, but on the track "Have a Little Faith", I could have mixed up Marx for one of Savage Garden's songs. Background music and Darren Hayes' voice eeriely similar here. For once, not a Bryan Adams confusion (but in my honest opinion, Marx is way, Way, WAY better than Adams...)

Personally, I thought the "Beautiful Goodbye" Album would have included more melancholy songs as Richard is coming off a recent divorce but the added positive flavor of sex and seduction was quite refreshing. Marx continues to bring his pure, flawless voice that many younger artist today don't have. Yet the damn radio stations today continue to play shit from Pitbull (thanks a lot NBA on ESPN and NBA on ABC), Selena Gomez, and Justin Bieber over Marx. If you were a previous fan or not, "Just Go" "Have a Little Faith" and buy "Beautiful Goodbye." This album is brilliant and will blow you away! Shock and wow factor alone, if I could give it a 20 out of 10, I would!! Looking forward to the "Whatever We Started Tour!!

Saturday, April 06, 2013

WrestleMania 29 Pics

More unique prop bets that I love to speculate on is (WWE) professional wrestling. Yes, it is choreographed and if you know people that work WWE that are kind enough to give you inside info, you can win some nice lunch money. But since I don't, I will have to put on my thinking cap and put it a good days work at least with this write up.

5Dimes is one of the rare websites that have courteously put up wagering lines for WrestleMania 29 so enjoy or click the "x" at the top right corner...

Tons of Funk & Funkadactyls (-1350) vs. Team Rhodes Scholars & Bellas (+650)

This line was Team Funk (-350) a few days ago but the juice is now outrageous. I agree with the move. I don't give a damn too much about Team Funk's gimmick. I do love Damien Sandow's of Team Rhode Scholar's mic work and his in-ring ability (Can't go wrong with the name "Elbow of Disdain") and hopefully after jobbing (means losing) in the bout, WWE will break up Team Rhode Scholars and push Sandow in single's action. Pick: Tons of Funk by pinfall

Wade Barrett (+305) (C) vs. The Miz (-425): Intercontinental Championship

You could have gotten The Miz under (-200) a couple days ago but now north of (-400). I don't really like Wade Barrett and ever since The Miz was turned Face, he has lost his star-quality with the company inside the ring (but was able to be main star in Marine 3). The Miz has also developed a "Nature Boy" Ric Flair Figure Four finisher but everytime I see it, he tends to botch it. That aside, I think WWE NEEDS to give The Miz NEEDS the title to make him relevant again inside the ring (or turn him heel down the line)... Pick: The Miz by submission

Chris Jericho (+1000) vs. Fandango (-2000)

Fandango will be making his in ring debut at the grand, majestic stage vs. one of my favorites Chris Jericho. Y2J will do everything he can to make Fandango look good, but that doesn't mean Fandango will win. Fandango money has made this juice unbackable, but I wasn't going to touch him anyway. For the last few weeks, Fandango has gotten the best of Jericho and given Y2J a few Guillotine Legdrops from the top rop. I can't see Jericho getting embarrassed 4 times in a row without retribution. HOWEVER, Jericho is slated to continue touring with his band Fozzy on April 11, so it is possible he jobs to the newbie. But like last year's WrestleMania, Jericho was able to beat Dolph Ziggler but then lose a "Loser Leaves Raw Match" the next night on Raw... I expect similar results here and at (+1000), it's definitely worth a shot! Pick: Chris Jericho by submission

Brock Lesnar (+800) vs. Triple H (-1700)

SummerSlam rematch but this time, Triple H's "wrestling career is on the line". General rule here is in a big rematch, you back the guy that lost the 1st time. And with incentive that's face HHH being I'm sure that HHH will want to continue to wrestle on occasion means I am all over "The Game" here. Pick: Triple H by sledgehammer shots

Kane and Daniel Bryan (-1700) vs. Zolph Ziggler and Big E Langston (+800): Tag Titles

Team Hell No opened a slight favorite but now almost laying -2000. Not laying that big of juice. For Big E Langston, this will be his debut match. If WWE wants to start pushing him, maybe they give him the Tag Titles. And let's remember, AJ screwed Daniel Bryan last year after kissing DB before his match with Sheamus. Does another Deja vu happen here... Pick: Dolph and Big E by cheating pinfall

Ryback (+450) vs. Mark Henry (-750)

Juice has been coming in on Mark Henry. Somebody must know something that I don't. Was going to be all over Ryback! Only reason I can think is if they want to continue this feud, best thing possible might be to let Henry win. But I'll play contrarian here. Pick: Ryback by pinfall

The Shield (-4500!!!) vs. Sheamus, Randy Orton, and Big Show (+1500)

It appears WWE is pushing The Shield to be greater than the nWo. I'm definitely not laying that juice. The way I see this playing out is either Big Show reverts back to a heel and screws his team or Randy Orton's long awaited heel turn happens in this match. Pick: The Shield by pinfall

The Undertaker (-7500!!!!!) vs. CM Punk (+2500)

A few days ago, you could have gotten Undertaker (-1500 or so...) But still, everybody knows The Undertaker at WrestleManias is a give. No disrespect to CM Punk, but if they allow you to bet the house, take 'Taker...

Alberto Del Rio (-1700) (C) vs. Jack Swagger (+800): World Heavyweight Championship

This Swagger and Zeb Colter gimmick has grown on me. But I think Del Rio gets vindication for Ricardo Rodriguez's "broken leg"... Pick: Del Rio by Submission

The Rock (+2000) (C) vs. John Cena (-6000): WWE Championship

Same rule applies from Lesnar/HHH match. Cena lost to Rock at last year's grandest event. The face of the WWE John Cena held title-less for over a year along with Rock probably going back to making movies, Cena is almost as strong a lock as The Undertaker here... Which sort of scares me. Not laying that huge of juice but pick: John Cena via pinfall

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

NBA Debuts Today! Fantasy Basketball at DraftKings

You know I love the NBA and this year, I'm trying my (bad) luck at NBA Fantasy Basketball! Come beat me here:

Monday, September 24, 2012

Dancing with the Stars All-Stars Tonight!

Alas, I've gotten off my ass to blog once again and for a good cause too (or not)... Dancing with the Stars will be back tonight with its first All-Star season! Since you normally read my blogs about my bad beats in poker or other degenerate ways of gambling, I will be breaking down the 5 Celebrities that I think have the best chance to take down this season.  

Drew Lachey

Drew was arguably the best dancer in Season 2 and took home the Mirror Ball Trophy over football Hall of Famer Jerry Rice. Lachey was partnered with the popular Cheryl Burke back in the day but this time, he will be matched with Anna Trebunskaya. Anna was Jerry's partner against Drew in Season 2, but that was the highest place she has ever finished. Drew is listed between +700 to +800 to win it all...

Helio Castroneves

Season 5 champ Helio was IMO the best dancer in his season topping Scary Spice Girl Mel B. Castroneves was paired with the lovely and talented and my favorite pro dancer "America's Sweetheart" Julianne Hough but she is long gone from the show becoming a country singer and a movie star... This time, Helio will be paired with Chelsea Hightower. Helio opened at +800 but has been bet down to +400 to +500. Without Julianne in this All-Star lineup and the price already being bet down, I think you should save your money on somebody else...  

Emmit Smith The Dallas Cowboy legend is also a former DWTS Champion from Season 3. However, I do not think that he was the best dancer in the season. Smith edged out the ringer of that season Mario Lopez. Really, AC Slater lost a dance competition to a twinkle toes, big bad football player (BTW, I may or may have not have wagered on this if you couldn't tell)? Two logical reasons: (1) Emmit's huge fanbase of Cowboys' fans in Texas and all over the US (though I thought Lopez had that too but maybe if he had Zach Morris' charisma) and (2) Progression as a dancer. Smith didn't come out guns a blazing but he definitely was the most improved and sometimes, that's what voters look for. Smith will be paired once again with Cheryl Burke, a former 2 time DWTS Champion and 2 time runner-up. Emmit opened at +500 and is currently around the same price...  

Quick tangent: For those to young to know or remember AC Slater, here are some Saved by the Bell Slater classic dance moments:

Slater Dance:

Shawn Johnson Shawn is a former DWTS Champion from Season 8. She beat out Gillies Marini (who is also back for the All-Star competition) that season, but IMO, Marini was the better dancer. Did Gilles get docked for being French? Her gymnast background was definitely a plus but is it just me, she has put on a little weight since retiring from gymnastics... Shawn was paired with Mark Ballas the first time around and if it was impossible to get an upgrade in dancing partners, she did as she will be dancing with the most charismatic pro dancer Derek Hough. Johnson opened up at +550 and that is the price still tagged on her...  

Apollo Ohno A champion theme here as Ohno is also a former champion from Season 4. IMO, Apollo was the best dancer from his season beating out Joey Fatone (who is also back for All-Stars). Apollo was paired with the great Julianne Hough but this time around, his partner will be Karina Smirnoff, a former champion and runner-up. Ohno opened as the favorite to win at +350 and is still around that price...  


Bet the field at your own risk, but it looks like the theme here is if you're an athlete from football, gymnastics, race a car, or a speed skater, you can dance. Although Emmit Smith is probably the weakest dancer from the 5 celebs I listed above, don't be surprised if he repeats. We just saw a similar season with current Green Bay Packer Donald Driver who beat out IMO, two better dancers than him (the lovely Katherine Jenkins and William Levy) and with the past history of football players doing well on DWTS, I say the trend continues...

Winner: Emmit Smith, Runner-up: Drew Lachey, Third: Shawn Johnson P.S. (Hedge Drew and Shawn with your bets, and yes, fill free top rip me if this doesn't come close).

Good luck,


Sunday, May 30, 2010

Hedo Turkoglu Giving "Eff You" to Toronto... Kevin Pritchard Dodges Another Bullet...

It's been a while since I've had a good long piece of writing/rant probably because of me being lazy and that I usually summarize my stuff just on Twiiter, but I thought this deserved my two cents...

Blazer fans (and Kevin Pritchard) have to be ecstatic that they don't have to worry about Hedo Turkoglu and his shenanigans for the remaining 4 year contract with the Toronto Raptors. "Turkeysoup" as I have previously nicknamed him, is quoted with these remarks from ESPN, "When the circumstances turned against me, I lost my enthusiasm for this city. My lawyers have talked to the front office recently. Honestly, I do not want to go back to Toronto. My lawyers talked to Mr. [Bryan] Colangelo and I hope that they will come up with a solution soon." The larger than life turkey must be delusional if he hasn't thought the Raptors haven't made any pitches to Turkeysoup. Who wants an aging, soft, declining big man that has already given up on his team, had his best season 2 years ago, and is due $43.8 million in four years?! Not even Chris Wallace of the Griz is that moronic to take that on...

Video of that assclown Hedo Turkoglu being an asshole to once of the Raptor's play-by-play commentators:

Hedo quote continued, "I promised him that whether he starts me or not, I will do my best on the court. However, if I had a more temperamental personality, I would have left the team. Yet, I did exactly the opposite. I did my best. I told him that I have no problems with him. I am not a young player, so it's not a big deal for me to come off the bench." Of course you don't care if you come off the bench or not... You've given up!! Get the big contract and then take a dinosaur size turkey dump...

Blazer fan's lost in this debacle of course was Kevin Pritchard offering this jackass a 5 years and $55 million contract before Turkoglu HIMSELF bolted last minute to the Raptors thankfully. Blazer fans don't seem to get why Pritchard's head is on the chopping block but I don't blame management for making KP sweat...

First of his downfall was that he drafted Oden over Durant, but I guess he gets a pass for that because "everyone" would have done that except me and Bill Simmons.

Second, he overpaid soft forward, I LaMarcus Aldridge 5 years for $65 million!! With the salary cap coming down after this season, there is a chance that Aldridge could make more money than franchise player Brandon Roy!! WTF?! You don't pay your second best player more than your best player AND you don't pay somebody that much money for being such a soft player. Look at the Orlando Magic... They won't win a championship because they paid a max contract to their 4th best player in Rashad Lewis (#1 Howard, who is still somewhat soft, #2 Nelson #3 Carter), and he is the definition of soft!!

Third, he retained Coach McMillan and probably will after this bizarre season of injuries which alone will save his job. McMuffin is just like Coach Brown... great talent on team that can win tons of game but held back in reality because of the coach... When will Blazer management realize this??

And finally, and luckily for KP, this Turkeysoup curve ball. Technically, the saying is "three strikes and your out..." This is #4... Don't be surprised if Kevin Pritchard gets the boot. I liked what he did at the beginning getting rid of Zach Randolph, trading for Roy and Aldridge in the 2006 draft, and trading for Rudy Fernandez (until this year... dammit Rudy!!)... Your only good as your last impressions and so far, the only thing Pritchard has nailed these last 2 seasons was the Camby trade... Thank you KP!! It was fun while it lasted...

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

5 Things I Learned or that were Reinforced from Gambling

The next time you go to Vegas to blow your money at the casinos, here are some things that I learned or things that were reinforced that I was taught before:

1) Never sit at a table that has an (uptight) Asian dealer. I'm not a racist and I am saying a lot here because I am Chinese. This was the case for my dad and I on numerous occassions at either Blackjack tables or Pai Gow Poker tables. Somebody that just deals the cards and doesn't mutter a word for the entire session is a serious downer and for some reason, it rubs on you and the cards you get as well. Pay close attention to this next time. If you stay too long, there will be a hole in your wallet. This also applies to the fat bitch that probably is stuck up because she has been on shift too long and hasn't eaten in 3 hours...

2) In handicapping a sports game, when in doubt, take the points. I avoided the Ravens/Pats Wildcard game because I was "in doubt". The Patriots were undefeated at home in the reg. season and hadn't lost a home playoff game in over 30 yrs, but w/Wes Welker out, would that be their downfall... For the Ravens, they had previously lost a game @ New England in the reg. season and shot themselves in the foot in numerous games this season (i.e. missed FG vs. Vikings, the 2 Bengals game, the game vs. the Steelers to name some). So I figured the best thing was to stay away even though after weighing all these decisions out, I thought the Ravens would have been the best bet...

3) If a line moves too much before a game, you should bet the other way. I knew this and put this to use on the Packers/Cards game. The original line for this game was Cards (-3). By game time, the line was Cards (+2.5) and was as high as (+3). Although this game almost gave me an ulcer as it looked like the Cards would choke this game away, the rule of going the other way by the Vegas gods played out and Vegas and I raked in the money.

4) A team with a major injury in the NBA or NFL that plays their next game without their superstar always covers or wins as an underdog its next game. I learned this about a couple years ago when I stumbled upon the then new South Point Casino. I happened to see this juicy line between the Sacramento Kings (then one of the worst teams in the league) hosting a pretty good Orlando Magic team. The line started out at Magic (-4) in the early morning. I did my homework and found out that not only would their best player Kevin Martin would be sitting out of this game after playing the previous, but so was Fransisco Garcia (arguably their 2nd best player at the time). I jumped on the Magic in a nanosecond when I heard about this and was lucky enough (or so I thought) to get the Magic at -4. As for the Tip 3 above, the line moved too much as by game time, it was Magic -8. Easy money right... The Kings grab an almost 30 point lead in the 1st half and although the Magic come back, they fall short. Everybody was pissed off but I noticed one young kid that looked no older than me celebrating with glee. I approached him and asked him, "So you got the points right" and he said, "No are you crazy, I had the Moneyline!!" Holy shit!! I thought he was plain retarded or drunk and got lucky so to make sure he wasn't, I asked for his logic on making this bet and ever since I heard this, I've paid attention to this advice and you know what, it's probably the best way to make easy money. This year alone, I can recall the Mavs beating the Cavs after Dirk got his teeth knocked out in the game before; Brandon Roy missing a game and then the Blazers playing as a (+13) dog @ San Antonio and winning at a place that they rarely win at; Carmelo missing a game vs. the Cavs as well and the Nuggets pulling it out to name a few.

I also found a pro handicapper this time when I was at the Venetian and told him this very intriguing fact that I heard and he justified it. Teams play hard after a superstar gets injured. Other teams think they can walk over them and don't play hard. People get the misconception that oh, Team A has no shot without all-star against good Team B so the public jumps on Team B's bandwagon making the line jump for Team B, when in essence, this is an easy bet on Team A. I spent the longest typing about this one. What does that tell you? Try it next time your in Vegas!

5) Bill Simmons makes his weekly football picks, but for some reason, he not very accurate with them until the Championship rounds. Just look at his picks this week: Bengals win, Cowboys win BUT Eagles cover, Patriots, and Packers... 0 for 4!!

Sunday, June 07, 2009

$24 90 Man SnG Final Table

My Catalyst hand that got me to the final table with about 13 peeps left:

Full Tilt Poker Game #12681665352: $24 + $2 KO Sit & Go (94394100), Table 7 - 300/600 Ante 75 - No Limit Hold'em - 20:04:05 ET - 2009/06/07
Seat 2: yellowhammers (10,384)
Seat 3: TheStudent3 (14,307)
Seat 4: raz0rF1sh (6,305)
Seat 5: OUPhiDelt27 (7,845)
Seat 6: Learn me poker (5,212)
Seat 7: bruskone94 (14,265)
Seat 9: mad21784 (48,712)
yellowhammers antes 75
TheStudent3 antes 75
raz0rF1sh antes 75
OUPhiDelt27 antes 75
Learn me poker antes 75
bruskone94 antes 75
mad21784 antes 75
yellowhammers posts the small blind of 300
TheStudent3 posts the big blind of 600
The button is in seat #9
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to TheStudent3 [Th 9c]
raz0rF1sh folds
OUPhiDelt27 folds
Learn me poker folds
bruskone94 has 15 seconds left to act
bruskone94 folds
mad21784 folds
yellowhammers raises to 1,800
TheStudent3 calls 1,200
*** FLOP *** [As Ad 6d]
yellowhammers bets 1,800
TheStudent3 raises to 9,525
yellowhammers folds
Uncalled bet of 7,725 returned to TheStudent3
TheStudent3 mucks
TheStudent3 wins the pot (7,725)
*** SUMMARY ***
Total pot 7,725 | Rake 0
Board: [As Ad 6d]
Seat 2: yellowhammers (small blind) folded on the Flop
Seat 3: TheStudent3 (big blind) collected (7,725), mucked

Went into the Final Table 2nd shortest in Chip and ended up coming up short. Stole some hands w/RR but in the end, I tried to do the same thing and had to fold some hands PF and with these blinds, they really massacre you. I finished in 5th for $144.

Time to watch the Magic/Laker game (or is it with a 15-15 1st quarter?)...

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